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We are Kevron Printing & Mailing, Inc., a family owned and operated business since 1997. Kevron is a full-service printing company that specializes in helping small and medium size organizations find the best solutions for their business and marketing needs. We want to provide better results for your organization's design, print and mail projects.


Whether you run a small business, coordinate marketing efforts for a larger company or aid a political campaign or non-profit group, our expert staff will help you with the difficult task of obtaining the highest quality services - from design through distribution - while maintaining a manageable budget.


Kevron Printing & Mailing, Inc. provides in-house professional design services...state-of-the-art digital and traditional print services...complete in-house mailing services and a variety of signage and promotional items to help complete your marketing campaign.


Do You Copy?

Copy machines had their origins in 1440 when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. The old printers used movable type, oil-based ink, and a press to transfer ink onto paper. The modern copier uses a plastic-based toner, electrostatic charges, and heat. In both cases, the goal was to accurately recreate documents. 

Here are some little-known facts about your photocopiers.

Remember to wipe
Digital copiers will scan originals into memory, and then print them. 60% of all used copiers have information left on them from the previous owners. Where a lot of the data was trivial, there have been some cases where the information was vital and sensitive.

Bulgarian ingenuity and pain created the copier
In 1937, Bulgarian physicist Georgi Nadjakov discovered that electric polarization can be used to adhere objects to other objects. In 1938, Chester Carlson starts performing experiments with photoconductivity. He had arthritis, and hand copying documents for his job as a patent authority was causing excruciating pain. He is eventually successful with creating a transfer process.

Try and try again
Carlson invented the process of copying, but it was not refined. In fact, he took his process to several companies where his work was rejected. GE and IBM could not see a need for Carlson's product. After several years of perfecting the process, Haloid Corporation obtained a license to market a machine with this technology.

Sitting is bad
Statistics vary, but it is said that over 20% of copiers worldwide have had a service call placed because someone has photocopied their rear. Sitting on a copier can break the glass and housing of a machine.

Get Your Customers in the Door with
Every Door Direct Mail
If you currently mail postcards for your business and target your customers by a geographic area then Every Door Direct Mail is for your business. It  enables regular retail businesses to mail at pennies per postcard without even needing to have a mailing address. Not only can you mail postcards, but you can also mail catalogs, brochures, samples, or anything else. You can mail anything as long as it meets EDDM size requirements.

How easy is it?
You Prepare The Mail . We can print the postcards and we will send them to you for you to complete the preparations for the Every Door Direct Mail program. We will assist you in creating your paperwork and consult with you on preparing your cards for Every Door Direct Mail delivery.

We Prepare the Mail For You. For a few cents more, we can prepare all of your paperwork for you and bundle the mailing exact to post office guidelines. Once prepared, we ship the cards to you and all you have to do is drop them off at the designated post office(s).  

We Handle It All. And for a nominal fee, we can ship the cards directly to the post office(s) at your request.

Some Commonly Asked Questions
What size does a commercial flat need to be?
A "commercial flat" needs to be more than 6.125" tall OR longer than 10.5." The largest size the mail piece can be is 12"x15." 6.25"x11" and 8.5"x11" are popular sizes.

Who can I mail to?
With Every Door Direct Mail you can mail to all homes and businesses in a mailing route. Each zip code is comprised of many different routes. Each of these routes contain approximately 300-600 homes and businesses.

Where do I find the routes?
The post office has created a new website located at http:/ This website allows you to geo-target your area by zip code, city, or address, size of household, household income and age of household. Then you can map out the carrier routes that you want to mail to. Best of all, this website will automatically generate the paperwork necessary to give to the USPS mail clerk.
Can I target the homes that I want to deliver to?
You can omit businesses from your mailing, however one of the core requirements of EDDM is that you have to mail to all homes in the route. You do have the opportunity to exclude certain addresses, such as competitors, customers, or people you know that do not wish to receive your marketing messages. You can exclude the addresses via the facing slip in the provided paperwork.

What if I want to exclude business addresses?
While the will let you choose only residential routes, it is important to change your endorsement to "Local Residential Customer" on your postcard. This way, the carrier will know you want to omit businesses from your mailing.

What is the minimum or maximum we can mail?
If you are dropping off the mail at the post office yourself, you can mail as little as 200 pieces and as many as 5000 in one day. There is no upper limit to how many we can mail, so if you need to mail more, you will want to have us drop ship them to the post office for you.

Can I print the cards on my home printer?
We don't recommend that you try to print these on your home printer because the paper stock required is too thick. Additionally the cost of toner is very expensive, and the quality will not be the same as if it was printed by a commercial printing company. We offer discounted print rates to help customers take advantage of this program.

Will Kevron prepare the mailings for me?
If you want to prepare your own EDDM mail, we will walk you through the process and assist you in preparing mailing. Although it is not technically difficult, there are some guidelines that should be followed in order for your mail to be accepted by the post office.

We can also write and design the mailing and prepare the paperwork for an additional cost.  We will ship the prepared mail to you with all of the necessary paperwork. All you have to do is bring the cards, paperwork and your postage check to your local post office(s). Or you can even have us ship the mail right to the post office(s) for you.

Call us for ideas, pricing and results!

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We Make You Look Good on Paper!


Every Door Direct Mail
It's Easy and Affordable
We will design, print, address and mail (Postage INCLUDED!)
6.25 x 9 Postcards
1000 = 59 cents each
2500 = 40 cents each
5000 = 37.5 cents each
10,000 or more = 35 cents each

No addresses required -  Lowest postage available
Extra Large Postcards -  Quick Delivery by USPS
Orders Must Be Placed by February 15, 2016. Excludes brokers and resellers. 
Cannot use with any other offers.   Some restrictions apply.