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Are you selling fake food? | What's with all the scrap tires?
Pink slime and free speech | Are exports good or bad?
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You want me to buy what_
Seriously? You want me to buy what?
Every day it's another report of a new fake food. But the underlying problem may be worse than you could have imagined. Are you at risk of accidentally purveying fake food? 
Why won_t farmers get rid of those old tires_
Why do farmers never discard used tires?
Nebraska discards almost 2 million scrap car and truck tires every year. Why does it seem most of them end up piled up on Nebraska farms and ranches? A surprising installment of Why Do Farmers Do That?
Pink slime trial is over
The pink slime trial ends, and guess what: Nobody wins
The trial against ABC News for defaming the product it called "pink slime" ends before it even starts with a secret settlement. While the lawyers and PR departments were issuing vanilla statements, Farmer Goes to Market was asking the hard question: Is this really good for the consumer's right to know?
Commodity exports_ Good or bad_
Commodity exports: Good for shoppers, or bad?
Sure, we're all set on making America great again by encouraging the world to buy our goods, including those grown by Nebraska farmers. But doesn't every ton of wheat, corn or beef sold overseas mean the supply is tighter here, potentially raising costs? Here's the short answer. 
From  shopping cart to dairy case to processer to tank truck to milking parlor, take a quick backwards tour of the steps in getting milk from a Nebraska working dairy farm to your store, in this fun clip from project Raising Nebraska.   
Honest tribute to Old Glory
An Oregon home owner caught a local trash collector in this simple and anonymous act of respect for the nation's flag, and security camera video of it went viral in 2014 for all the right reasons. Join him in remembering and celebrating the reason behind this summer's holiday.
Respect for the holiday's meaning is a year-round job
Kathy_s Commentary
In the aftermath of an explosive celebration of July 4th, it's great to get back to quiet summer evenings.  Celebration of Independence Day is an event that children and adults look forward to for 12 months out of the year.  While the celebration lasts a day or two, we should always remember the reason for the celebration. As the saying goes, "Freedom Isn't Free," and we salute those who have fought for our freedoms. Make sure you view the last clip in this edition of Farmer Goes to Market. Respect for our nation's flag is respect for who we are as a nation.
- Kathy Siefken, Executive Director

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