Selling your business can be an emotional rollercoaster. 


You might have a date in mind for selling or you may just wish to start the process and slowly move forward. For some, you may think it's already too late. In any case it's emotional and not easy to leave a lifestyle you've lived for decades. 

At WarrenBDC we care as much about you as the company you're selling or transitioning out of. We work on the business and we work on you.

Join our confidential,  Boomer Business Owners Support Group  for online LinkedIn and in person live event discussions. We talk about keeping your sanity, building value and successfully transitioning out of your business. This is a no selling space. Just other business owners like you, going through similar challenges. 

Our Specialists are there to lead the discussion and answer your questions directly. You don't have to talk. Just listening is fine.

While you're thinking about it click here.  75 Things You Can Do After the Transition


Or email me and let's schedule a few minutes to talk about our WarrenBDC Presale Transition Coaching program.


Eric Gilboord


CEO, WarrenBDC


PS If not for you, then come out for the families who will be impacted by your decisions. You are directly or indirectly responsible for the families of employees, vendors and others.
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