September 2017
With offices in Dallas, Houston, and Austin, Seltzer│Chadwick │Soefje, PLLC  counsels and represents businesses and professionals nationally in the closely-related areas of corporate, tax, labor & employment, OSHA, ERISA and employee benefits, executive compensation, professional liability, insurance defense, business and construction litigation, and bankruptcy. We regularly publish three blogs to keep clients, prospective clients, and industry professionals informed on topics affecting their business.

Chadwick To Speak To Local Bar On Active Shooter Risks In Texas
On September 14, 2017, Robert Chadwick will be speaking at a meeting of the Corporate Counsel Section of the Collin County Bar Association. His topic will be " Active Shooter Risks for Businesses and Employers in Texas." 

Our Houston Office Open for Business Again In Wake Of Hurricane Harvey
Personnel at the law firm's Houston office were unable to make the commute to work last week due to the unprecedented flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. The office was thus temporarily closed. The law firm is pleased to announce that, as of September 5, 2017, the Houston office is again open for business.
UPS's $1.7M Wakeup Call: Does Your Medical Leave Policy Violate the ADA?
The uncertainty associated with indefinite leaves of absence has prompted many employers to adopt policies which place a cap on the length of leaves of absence. 

Legal Dabbling: Calm Before Legal Malpractice Storm
As Texans continue cleaning up the destruction of Hurricane Harvey and Floridians brace for Hurricane Irma bearing down on them, many lawyers in the regions will be seduced by the money to be made from the sheer number of insurance claims and lawsuits soon to be filed.

Roadside View Yields 14 Citations and $1.5M in Proposed Fines!
Can OSHA issue citations against an employer even without a formal inspection, and the requisite components of an opening conference, record inspection, walk-around inspection, employee interviews and closing conference?

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