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                                         Summer News From Selwood
A group of us from Selwood just returned from spending two days in South Carlolina at Gil and Vicki Ashes shooting school. We all learned a ton of new stuff and I am eager to share with all of you that I coach.
I have extended an invitation for them to come back to Selwood. We already have some who have committed to shoot with them if they will come back next Spring.... if you would be interested in shooting with them for one or two days please let us know by responding.
Have you Shot our newly designed course, designed by nationally acclaimed course desinger Brian Ash?
One thing that you will notice are the new machines that are able to throw any target that we can dream up. 
Our course is now color coded to challenge the skills of every shooter. Red is for advanced shooters and Blue is great for the first time as well as intermediate shooters. Although rare, the low humidity days have been great for shooting and a reminder that hunting season is coming soon. We have started booking hunts. If you have a special date on your calendar, please give Paula a call to take care of all your special requests.    

Shooters tip of the month.... "quartering shots"
When preparing for a quartering shot pay special attention to the break point. move your hold point slightly back , maybe 10% not the usual 25-30 as you would on a crosser. try pre-mounting your gun and use very little gun motion to crush these targets.

Remember to contact our office for your private or group shooting lessons or contact our resident instructor to schedule a time that works best for you.
Politically Correct.... A word from Dell
  Alabama's legislature is in special session primarily to pass a General Fund Budget. Also, SB14 is being reconsidered.
This  bill by Gerald Allen (R-Tuscaloosa) will give law-abiding gun owners' the right to possess a concealed firearm in a vehicle without obtaining a government issued permit. There are a number of procedural obstacles that must be overcome,
but just being reconsidered indicates support for this bill. Encourage your representatives to support bill SB14. If it fails this session we likely will continue to see it in future sessions.
  Gun control we all favor:
"A keen eye and a steady hand."
"If there is a gun around, I want to control it." Clint Eastwood

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