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                                         Summer News From Selwood

Summer is here and so is wedding season. Remember Selwood for your special outing and remember with 10 or more the groom shoots  free. With Father's Day almost here check out the new merchandise in Selwood's pro shop. For the best gift, bring your dad to Selwood and enjoy shooting together. Please call our office for gift certificates. For a fun afternoon of shooting and a great meal join us for our dinner shoot June 25th (make your reservation by June 23rd).
3 generation lesson
Shooters tip of the month.... focal point
when preparing for a shot be sure to keep the eyes still and focus on an area 10-15 feet past the trap. doing this will help you to pick up the motion of the target quicker than looking directly at the machine. 

Remember to contact our office for your private or group shooting lessons
Politically Correct.... A word from Dell
  An issue that will serve to strengthen our 2nd amendment rights is working its way through both the state and federal legislative process. On the national level S 498 would give individuals that possess concealed carry permits in their home state those rights in any other state that does not prohibit concealed carry. This bill currently has twenty seven cosponsors.
  Similar bills have been introduced in the House of Representatives - HR 986, HR 402, HR 923. All of these have been introduced by Republican Congressmen and have a number of cosponsors.
  On the state level Sen. Gerald Allen sponsored a bill that would allow law-abiding citizens to carry loaded hand guns in their vehicles without the need to pay for a concealed carry permit. This bill passed the senate with only four dissenting  votes.
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