October 5  2018
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October 4 2018
Technological advances have made it feasible to map smart contracts on the blockchain to qualitative information about the underlying data. This "Semantic Blockchain" is a realistic solution to complex problems of automation and operational efficiency. A guest post from OpenRisk Technologies.

October 3 2018
Since securities finance contracts were included in the definition of a Qualified Financial Contract (QFC), the market knew that one day the great paperwork review would come. That day is here, and ISDA Master Agreements, Master Repurchase Agreements, and securities lending agreements are all impacted.

October 2 2018
Much of repo markets are still where they were 10 or 20 years ago: high touch and low spread. Dealers are now being pushed to do something about it. But automation does not have to equal spread compression, a critical concern in the industry. A guest post from Tradeweb.
October 1 2018
A new proposed regulation from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will make the ETF market more efficient while predictably creating new winners and losers, in this case market makers (the winners) and securities lenders (the losers). Here's the walk-through of the regulation and its impacts.

September 28 2018
In a court order and opinion, Judge Katherine Polk Faillahas rejected the motion of the prime brokerage defendants and EquiLend to dismiss the stock loan lawsuit brought by a group of pensions and their class action lawyers. We recap the lawsuit and provide an analysis of the Judge's decision.

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