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We're inviting you and your whole worship team to Troy, IL for the worship conference this fall - Saturday, September 14 from 9:00 am - 2:30 pm.
Don Frazure from Christ Church, will be leading the two general sessions during the conference. We will learning more about how to expect great things from your team!

Seminars at the
Worship Conference
There will be two breakout times during the Awakening Worship Conference - participates will be able to choose from these electives. [subject to change]
Vocals For Worship –  Don Frazure
  • learn the techniques and tips for maximizing your vocal team to lead.

Worship Team Stage Presence –  Ava Andrews
  • how important is stage presence for the worship team and what are some practical ways we can help engage the congregation and invite them to worship?

Small Church Big Worship – Joel Sprenger
  • not every church has a huge budget - but you can be resourceful to make the most of what you have to provide excellent worship leadership.

Maximizing Rehearsals – Nathan Tobin
  • smooth, effective and efficient rehearsals help make for great Sundays!

Worship Leader Roles On and Off Stage –  Tim Price 
  • offstage leadership is just as important, if not more so, than on stage leadership - and we will be learning some practical things that worship leaders and team must strive for in both.

Sound and Tech Tour –  Josh Case
  • it's always good to see what other churches are doing and this workshop will be a practical tour/conversation about how things are set up in Troy.

Bass & Drums For Worship –  Daniel Tatjenhorst
  • hiding away in a secluded space, this simple workshop will be some conversation and practical application about the importance of the rhythm section - bass players and drummers welcome to sign up - space will be limited.

Ableton 101 –  Drew Allsman
  • If your team is moving toward click tracks and or backing tracks, in this workshop, Drew will be sharing the basics as well as the journey for getting there.

Next Generation – Developing Kids and Students in Worship Ministry –  Clint Benesh
  • student worship leaders are invited to come learn and experience during the Awakening Worship Conference and Clint Benesh will be leading this workshop geared toward students. What does it take to grow in skills for worship ministry and what do leaders need to do to help make it happen.

The Part-Time Worship Leader – Wearing Two Or More Hats – Tim Price
  • if you're wearing two or more hats in ministry, you're not alone - so many worship leaders are part-time and we will discuss the ideas surrounding ways to maximize and organize the time.

Worship Leader 101 – Clint Benesh
  • if you're just beginning as a worship leader, this seminar is for you!
Schedule For The Day
Awakening Worship Conference | September 14, 2019 | Troy, IL
8:30 – Check-In
9:00 – Opening Session with Don Frazure
10:15 – Elective 1
11:15 – General Session
12:00 – Lunch (provided on site and included in registration)
12:45 – Elective 2
1::45 – Closing Session with Don Frazure & Nathan Tobin
2:30 – Conclude

We hope to see you! If you have questions, please contact us!
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