Voice of the DPM
Boca Raton, FL

When I go to a seminar, the main aspect I look forward to is an eclectic assortment of lectures ... unless I am trying to brush up on a specific area of study.
I find lectures that get straight to the point to be the most beneficial to my every-day practice; it seems these lectures are usually provided by actively practicing physicians.  I really enjoying hearing the pros and cons of a question or concern regarding the given topic.
When it comes to areas of improvement for most of the seminars I’ve been to, I would say acknowledgment that if you are in a resort area or special location that there should be some down time . I know that if I want to get a lot of hours in, then I choose a seminar at a location that does not offer many distractions.
I like to go through the vendor hall and see what is new or improved. I usually walk the entire hall first and then zero in on specific exhibitors. I especially appreciate the exhibitors who understand that I may initially be seeking information and am not yet interested in buying.
In the last 2 years, the seminars that I would refer to my colleagues over most others include SAM and the APMA National . I am most familiar with these two meetings and I know how much time the organizers have put into upgrading and improving the educational content and the variety of topics. If you haven't been lately… you are missing out.

I’d also like to add, that as a meeting organizer it would be most helpful if people would take an extra minute to fill out surveys to help determine what future content would be included or what changes should be made.​
Dennis R. Frisch, DPM, is a board-certified podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon at Boca Raton Podiatry in Boca Raton, Florida. He’s twice been named one of the top 150 most influential podiatrists in America, and he has received the Florida Podiatric Medical Association (FPMA) Podiatrist of the Year Award and the FPMA President’s Award. 
90-Day Meeting Outlook
MARCH 2020

Podiatry Institute | French Quarter Conference | New Orleans, LA

NCAPM | No Nonsense Seminar | Independence, OH

FABI | Annual Conference | Miami, FL

Podiatry Institute | Stepping Forward - Leading the Way
Women-Centric Conference | Nashville, TN

IFAF | Seattle Lower Extremity Seminar | Federal Way, WA

Graham International | Annual Symposium | Lexington, KY

GPMA (Georgia) | Annual Summit | Atlanta, GA

APMA | Coding Seminar | Dallas, TX
APRIL 2020


WSPMA | Annual Conference | Spokane, WA

MsPMA | Diabetes Symposium | Biloxi, MS

Podiatry Institute | Valley of the Sun Conference | Phoenix, AZ

APWCA | Wound Week | Milwaukee, WI


MPC | Annual Conference | Chicago, IL

Region 3 - APMA | Annual Conference | Atlantic City, NJ

Civic-Kern Hospital | Residents Alumni Assoc. | Orlando, FL
MAY 2020

OSC | Spring Conference | Markham, ON

ACLES | Lower Extremity Medicine and Surgery | Livonia, MI

AlPMA | 2020 Seminar | Destin, FL

Podiatry Institute | Surgical Pearls by the Sea | Newport, RI

OkPMA | Spring Symposium | Oklahoma City, OK

ACFAS | On the Road | Charlotte, NC

OrPMA | Spring Conference | Welches, OR

SAWC | Spring Conference | San Diego, CA

OHFAMA | Annual Scientific Seminar | Columbus, OH

ACFAP | Annual Pediatric Foot & Ankle Conference | Death Valley, CA

ACFAS | On the Road | St.Louis, MO

Kent State | Foot & Ankle Renaissance | Florence, Italy

AAPPM | Spring Conference | Atlanta, GA
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Using The Power of Email Marketing
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Voice of the Vendor
Brandon Noble
Director, Professional Sales

Vionic exhibits at over 30 podiatric conferences per year. We select our meetings based on location (proximity to our audience or growth target), meeting attendee type (DPM) and retail opportunity.

Retail opportunity combines many factors including the return on investment at previous years meetings, projected growth in that geographic market and more.

One area of improvement I see for conference planners is to recognize that exhibitors have vast knowledge about the products and services we offer and we could be using our expertise at conferences to inform and train clinicians.

I’d be interested in seeing some kind of an exhibitor showcase where each exhibitor was able to present their products and services for a brief time.

Our audience is physicians that retail our products in their offices so we are more inclined to attend meetings that draw that type of attendee; versus a meeting that has a majority of hospital or VA based physicians.

By far, our 2 best conferences year after year are the Florida Podiatric Medical Association’s SAM conference and the APMA National . Those are definitely two “can’t miss” opportunities.
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Brainstorming for Meeting Planners
As a third party collecting feedback from both exhibitors and DPMs about their meeting experiences, we want to share ideas with meeting planners to continue to produce positive reactions!

Creating new ways for sponsors to generate stronger awareness at your meeting can be a huge challenge! Sometimes it may seem like all the ideas have been tried, right?!

We're still going to give it a shot, though!! Maybe circling back to some ideas you had previously can generate new life, or you may think of something that wouldn't have worked previously, but may have the potential today!

Consider throwing out the old sponsorship packages and try something new. Here are some ideas: 
  • Offer only ala carte options. List each benefit individually with it’s own price tag and let your vendors create a package that fits their budget and marketing goals.
  • Create packages that offer both branding and something tangible. For example: specialty signage and other visibility plus special event tickets (they can give away or use for themselves).
  • Offer a virtual sponsorship for companies that are unable to exhibit due to their schedule and staffing or budget reasons. A virtual sponsorship can include signage and logo listing in various places, a promo item or handout in the welcome bag, and an email shoutout in your pre-conference marketing. Use the message, “Can’t exhibit but still want to have a presence?”
  • Redesign your sponsorship packages to suit your vendor’s goals. Consider a “Brand Visibility Package” focused on creative signage and logo displays, or a “Tech Lover’s Package” with charging stations and branded promo items, or a “Presentation Opportunity Package” with a sponsor message during a meal time, or a “Social Media Package” with a live social media wall, hashtag, promotion on social media and email marketing… You get the idea.
Bottom line... eliminate the thought “We’ve always done it this way” and start getting creative! Be sure your sponsorships offer both value and awareness. 
Meeting Showcase offers industry meeting planners/organizers
a unique opportunity to showcase their meetings to both physicians and exhibitors!

February 2020's Featured Meeting: IFAF
The IFAF is proud to present an exciting schedule of scientific seminars. Bring your family for a fabulous vacation, plus attend a high quality CPME approved program.

The 4th Sonoma Seminar will be taking place from May 14 - 16 with 20 CECH available
Savor the romance and charm of the Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country Hotel, set in the heart of the quaint town of Santa Rosa!
Now in our fourth year, join our renowned IFAF Faculty and invited guest speakers for this highly rated educational meeting and wine-tasting extravaganza!
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