National Lighthouse Day!
It's Official for August 7th, 2013

U. S. Senate Lighthouse Resolution

   For the first time since 1989 the United States Senate, by unanimous vote, has recognized August 7, as National Lighthouse Day. However, the designation is for 2013 only. 

   This is the first big step to creating a public law that would make August 7, 2014, on the 225th Anniversary of the federalization of our nation's lighthouses, and every year thereafter as National Lighthouse Day; something that Lighthouse Digest has been advocating for years. We are proud to say that our editor, Timothy Harrison, played a major role in working with Maine's Senators in Washington, D.C. to bring about the 2013 Senate resolution and we give a special thanks to Senator Angus King, Jr. for leading the way in this movement.

   You can read the full text of the Senate Resolution here and you can read the press release sent out by the American Lighthouse Council here.

   This is a great step in honoring the role that the men and women of the United States Light House Board, the United States Light-House Establishment, the United States Bureau of Lighthouses, the United States Lighthouse Service, and the United States Coast Guard performed to create the best system of aids to navigation the world has ever known for the benefit of others in the saving of lives and cargo.

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