Senate Passes Continuing Resolution to keep Government Open through December 20, Includes Funding for IHS and Special Diabetes Program for Indians


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Senate Passes New Continuing Resolution to Fund Government through December 20, Includes Funding for IHS and Special Diabetes Program for Indians

President Trump expected to sign it before tonight's midnight deadline

WASHINGTON, DC—November 21, 2019—By a final vote of 74-20, today the U.S. Senate cleared a second short-term Continuing Resolution (CR) to keep the government open through December 20, 2019. The current CR, H.R. 4378 , is set to expire at midnight tonight.

The new CR includes an additional four weeks of funding at Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 enacted levels for federal agencies including the Indian Health Service (IHS). Like the current CR, the new CR also extends funding for expiring health extender programs, including for the Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI).

Once the new CR is signed by the President, funding for both IHS and SDPI will be extended through December 20.

What Happens Next?

Despite passing a highly touted Budget Deal over the summer that established topline spending numbers for FY 2020 and FY 2021 appropriations, partisan differences persist on how to divvy up those topline numbers across all twelve discretionary appropriations packages. As a result, Congress has relied on short-term funding extensions to avert a second government shutdown this calendar year.

It remains unclear if consensus will be achieved on FY 2020 appropriations packages before December 20, making the need for yet another CR highly likely.

NIHB continues to strongly advocate for long-term reauthorization of SDPI to ensure greater program stability and funding security. In the interim, NIHB will continue working with lawmakers in a bipartisan manner to make sure SDPI is included in any future CRs (if necessary) in order to avoid program expiration.

Congress Needs to Hear From Tribes on FY 2020 Appropriations!

NIHB has created template letters for Tribes to submit to their House and Senate delegation demanding that Congress prioritize timely enactment of a full-year IHS budget, including increased appropriations. Tribes are highly encouraged to send letters and request meetings with their members of Congress to discuss the importance of enacting timely appropriations for IHS and ensuring IHS funding overall is significantly increased.

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