In the face of 17 more shootings this past weekend in Baltimore, coupled with a dire shortage of police officers, progressives in the Maryland Senate boldly claim that Baltimore’s problem is “systemic injustices in policing.” To publicize this anti-police agenda, the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee is holding extraordinary, pre-session hearings next week on 14 bills that would:

- Create a legal presumption that anypolice use of physical force is unreasonable.

- Repeal the Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights.

- Prohibit courts from allowing police to enter a building without knocking on the door, even when a court finds that doing so jeopardizes the lives of people in the building or the officers.

- Protect violent, armed attackers by prohibiting police departments from obtaining free, military surplus, bullet proof vehicles that police now use in hostage rescues missions. 

- Super size a statewide prosecutor to aggressively pursue alleged crimes by police officers while hardened criminals roam the streets of Baltimore with impunity.

- Place unlimited liability on local jurisdictions for police negligence, making it financially impossible for local jurisdictions operate police departments.

- Delete the requirement that complaints made against police officers be made under penalty of perjury.

- Seek to publicly shame police officers with published lists of mere allegations of police misconduct.

- Transfer to a non-police board the power of the Sheriffs and Chiefs to determine administrative sanctions for police misconduct.

- And so on.

These hearings are a major departure from the Senate’s usual practice of dedicating summer hearings to bi-partisan studies and discussion of major issues.

No police, no peace. 
Bob Cassilly 
Senator, District 34