On Monday, the Senate is expected to vote on HB 3, the school finance reform bill. The Senate version, approved by the Senate Education Committee this week, has several differences from the House version, including a Byzantine merit pay proposal TCTA is working with senators to revise. We encourage you to reach out before Monday's vote and urge your senator to support a straightforward, across-the-board pay raise and eliminate the messy, complex merit pay plan. Click here to find your senator's contact information.

The House passed SB 2, the property tax reform bill, this week, but made it contingent on passage of HB 3, putting pressure on the Senate. Since each chamber has its own version of both bills, it's expected that conference committees will negotiate final versions in the last three weeks of this session.

Next week, while the Senate tackles school finance and teacher salaries, the House is expected to consider an increase in the state sales tax.