Senator Sue Serino, in a followup to leading our Walk Across the Hudson, visited us at the Villa on Thursday. Lydia Biskup, Director of District Operations accompanied her and both were so anxious to help.
The Senator wanted to see first hand how treatment works and how she can help. Not only was she interested in all our staff and their mission (including the family spirit and Halloween fun we enjoy) she met with two young clients as well. She heard first hand the appalling time and anxiety they experienced while waiting to be approved by insurance. She really cares and is committed to be our voice to change laws and help the helpless searching for hope.

They also were inspired by our Founder, the late Jim Cusack and we were so humbled and grateful when they took his picture prayer card to place in their office! Our Jim is now in a Senate office, still fighting for the addicted thru these dedicated women!

We thank them for taking the time and really caring.