Monday February 5, 2018... Today, State Senators Fred Akshar, John Bonacic, Phil Boyle, Tom Croci and Pat Gallivan enthusiastically endorse John DeFrancisco for Governor. The Senators represent various parts of the state, including Western New York, the Southern Tier, Hudson Valley and Long Island.

Statement from Senator Fred Akshar (52nd Senate District):

"The numbers don't lie. New York has lost almost 1 million residents to other states over the last 7 years. People young and old are leaving for other parts of the country because they're seeking better opportunities that New York has failed to provide.

"Hardworking families, business owners and employees across the Empire State are crying out for a common-sense approach to remove and replace the oppression of a governor who has been focused on failed tax-and-spend policies. 

"We need a leader who will put the people before politics, and my colleague and friend Sen. John DeFrancisco is the man to do it as the next Governor of New York. 

"I'm proud to endorse John because he has the experience, character and sound judgement to make tough decisions that break the chains of economic oppression that have prevented the kind of growth and opportunity that will bring more citizens into New York, rather than drive them out of our state."

Statement from Senator John Bonacic (42nd Senate District):

"I have had the honor of working side by side with Senator DeFrancisco for many years, and through my firsthand experience know that he is by far the best candidate to lead our statewide ticket to victory this November.

"He has an in-depth knowledge of the workings of state government and his detailed knowledge of policy is unrivaled. His service as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and as Deputy Majority Leader, have demonstrated his ability to lead and get things done for the residents of New York State.

"Further, he is capable of raising the money needed to give the Governor a tough race, and I know he has the determination and grit to fight for every last vote between now and Election Day.

"I enthusiastically endorse Senator DeFrancisco's candidacy for Governor and urge you to do the same."

Statement from Senator Phil Boyle (4th Senate District):

"I am proud to endorse my colleague and friend, John DeFrancisco for Governor. Now more than ever, New Yorkers deserve a Governor who will fight for them and their families to make New York a more affordable place to live and work.

"During his time in the Senate, John has fought for all New Yorkers, to cut taxes and spending, create good paying jobs and invest in our infrastructure and transportation needs. As Governor, he will ensure every New Yorker has the opportunity to achieve financial security and upward mobility. 

"I look forward to campaigning with John in the coming months to ensure he wins in November."

Statement from Senator Tom Croci (3rd Senate District):

"I am proud to endorse a patriot, my colleague and friend Senator John DeFrancisco for Governor of the State of New York.

"I’ve had the privilege to serve side-by-side with John DeFrancisco during my four years in the New York State Senate. John is tough, a smart businessman, leader and legislator who will guide New York State to economic prosperity – worthy of the Empire State.

"As a veteran of the United States Air Force, John is no stranger to service or sacrifice. His compassion and intellect is exactly what the State needs in a Chief Executive. As a former military officer, he will fulfill his role as Commander-in- Chief of the New York National Guard understanding too well the great courage and sacrifice of our military personnel, law enforcement and veterans who call themselves New Yorkers."

Statement from Senator Pat Gallivan (59th Senate District):

"I have enjoyed a close working relationship with Senator DeFrancisco for nearly eight years. In the Senate, I have witnessed his strong work ethic, professionalism and dedication and I am confident that he will make an outstanding governor.

"As Deputy Majority Leader and Chairman of both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Finance Committee, Senator DeFrancisco has demonstrated his ability to bring people together to serve the residents of New York State.

"I am proud to endorse Senator DeFrancisco's candidacy for Governor."

DeFrancisco for New York
Syracuse, NY 13215