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May 2018


Our vision is that all Nebraska children begin kindergarten with the experience they need to become successful students and productive citizens.  



The Nebraska Early Childhood Professional Record System (NECPRS) is a free online database that supports the professional development of the early childhood workforce. 


Watch a short video to learn about the benefits of setting up an account, including having all professional records in one location that follows a person throughout their career. Learn more about NECPRS

Young Child Institute

Registration continues for the Nebraska Young Child Institute, set for June 26-27 in Kearney. 

The statewide conference offers multidisciplinary professionals the opportunity to connect on issues to improve outcomes for young children. 


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Senators Begin Work 
on  Interim Studies

Now that the Legislative session has concluded, Senators and staff will begin working on interim studies. This year, 108 interim study resolutions were introduced by Senators and committees. After introduction, they're assigned to a committee and each Committee prioritizes the studies and determines if there will be public hearings. 

Interim studies give Senators an opportunity to analyze a concept in-depth and potentially use the information to develop legislation for next session. We've identified 28 interim study resolutions with potential to affect early childhood. Among them are: 

LR434: Introduced by Senator Linehan to study the structure and financing for K-12 education. 

LR452: Introduced by Senator Vargas to evaluate alternative teacher certification programs.

LR362: Introduced by Senator Groene to study issues within the jurisdiction of the Education Committee.

LR372: Introduced by Senator Baker to study school violence and identify ways state government can support communities and school districts in their efforts to create safe school environments. 

LR357: Introduced by Senator Kolowski to analyze early childhood education in Nebraska and potential methods that could help ensure universal access to high-quality early childhood education. 

Our Senior Policy Associate Jen Goettemoeller has been a major influence in sha ping early childhood policy in Nebraska for  more than a decade. Her vision and leadership have been a powerful force in the lives of thousands of our state's youngest, most vulnerable citizens. We said a heartfelt good-bye as she departed FFN this month.  

State Board of Education Approves Early Learning Guidelines and Early Education Grants

The Nebraska State Board of Education this month voted to to adopt the revised Early Learning Guidelines and to give Commissioner Matt Blomstedt authority to approve $853K in funding for new and expanded early education programs in seven school districts ( Adams , Columbus, Kenesaw, Malcolm, Scottsbluff, Grand Island and Valentine). 

The new grant awards will enable districts to deliver quality early learning services to about 150 additional 3- and 4-year-olds at risk above the 850 children already expected to be served through the Early Childhood Education Grant Program in 2018-19. 

The Nebraska Family Child Care Association (NFCCA) was founded in 1988 by a dedicated group of providers responding to a growing need for high-quality child care in the state. 

The organization promotes family child care as a skilled profession, connects providers to professional development and training, offers networking opportunities and gives its members a statewide voice in legislative issues. Retiring NFCCA Vickie Young reflects on the progress and continuing work of this important organization .