Monday, May 14, 2018
BSEE Well Control Rule in Federal Register
BSEE's proposed revisions for well control and blowout preventer systems are now in the Federal Register. You can give input on the rule by making comments within the 60-day comment period, ending on July 10, 2018.

Summary of Proposed Rule:

 "This proposed rule would revise requirements for well design, well control, casing, cementing, real-time monitoring (RTM), and subsea containment."

"Accordingly, after thoroughly reexamining the original Blowout Preventer Systems and Well Control final rule (WCR), experiences from the implementation process, and BSEE policy, BSEE proposes to amend, revise, or remove current regulatory provisions that create unnecessary burdens on stakeholders while ensuring safety and environmental protection."
Listen to BSEE Director Scott Angelle talk about the proposed revisions of the Well Control and
Blowout Preventer Systems Rule.
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Offshore policies, reform will help us become energy dominant
By Lori LeBlanc, LMOGA Offshore Committee Director for BIC Magazine
Last summer, President Donald Trump made a bold commitment to make America not only energy independent, but energy dominant. The President announced his policy to boost domestic oil and gas production and oil and gas exports, resulting in a “golden era” for the U.S. energy supply...

To achieve President Trump’s goal of energy dominance, therefore, it is critical that substantive federal policy initiatives be implemented to spur an increase in capital investment in the Gulf. U.S. energy dominance fueled by a vibrant Gulf of Mexico energy industry will provide energy and economic security for our nation, with hundreds of thousands good-paying jobs for Americans everywhere.
Appomattox: An Energy Project That Defied the Odds
via Shell
In late 2014, as the price of oil tumbled, seasoned engineers drafting plans to build a new deep-water oil and gas project in the US Gulf of Mexico told their younger, more anxious colleagues not to sweat it. 

This is a cyclical industry, they said. And the cycle will swing back, like it always does. The future of the Shell project, Appomattox, seemed to depend on it. The biggest offshore project for Shell in the Gulf of Mexico, and one of the region's deepest, Appomattox would be designed to produce 175,000 barrels of oil and gas equivalent a day, drilling in waters 2,200 metres deep (7,400 feet). But it was initially shaping up to be costly.

By industry standards, this was the kind of project that is vital to energy supplies needed to drive the global economy for decades to come.
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