SME's 8th Current Trends in Mining Finance Conference
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Sunday, May 10 - Wednesday, May 13, 2020
in midtown New York City
Connecting Mining, Finance & Engineering Executives TM
Join us at CTMF 2020 where you can get your questions answered and meet with mining, finance, investment, industry, engineering experts from 20+ countries who are evaluating, advising and finan c ing mining and exploration projects world wide. There will be plenty of time and space for all to meet at the conference, breakfasts, morning and afternoon refreshment breaks, lunches, receptions and workshops. 

We are planning about thirty round table panel discussions followed by audience Q&A, in two tracks, several key note speakers, five workshops, three receptions

A content-rich agenda is being drafted to include discussion of best practices and case studies and technical and non-technical, CSR, ESG, regulatory, financial issues and technology, equipment, artificial intelligence, digital transformation and innovation impacting financing project and exploration success . There will also be expanded discussion about supply, demand, price of precious, strategic, critical, battery, energy, rare earth metals and several key mining and exploration regions and or districts in North America, for example.

Read about the panel topics below

We plan to have these 5 engaging, excellent workshops

  1. Mining asset valuation and its uses
  2. Lessons from mega and mining projects: Key success factors
  3. The value of cost estimating of projects at the scoping stage
  4. Digital transformations, technology implementation - How to get started, what to expect, how to benefit and lessons learned
  5. Measuring, quantifying and monetizing risk exposure in mining

Visit the website for updates

Join us to get your questions answered

Hear about the latest trends from leaders advising miners and explorers with non-technical, social, technical and financial issues and managing risks and to lower costs to raise capital today from experts working 24 x7
as soon as possible. We are developing the 2020 agenda now
Join more than 270 banking, mining, investment, and engineering advisers and representatives from many leading mining and exploration firms from around the world on Sunday May 10 to Wednesday May 13, 2020. Hear key advisers discuss what management and investors should know to increase odds of securing finance today. Meet with leaders and hear many experts discuss the ever-changing finance landscape, the source, structure and mix of funds available and outlook and best practices of exploration and mining projects world wide.

The 2020 agenda will be comprised of many leaders in ~30 round table panels, in two tracks discussing how to successfully manage risk and talking about best practices to balance non-technical, technical and financial issues. Topics include:

  • Bankers' View of Capital Markets and Mine Financing - multiple round tables about recent deals, M&A, restructurings, where, how and who is raising capital, what issues are most prominent in investors' minds
  • Evaluating, Structuring Finance and Funding of Mining Companies, Projects & Exploration - panel discussions re alternative capital sources, royalties, streaming, debt, project finance, pre-payments, and off takes
  • Analysts' View of Metals and Minerals Markets - panels about the impact of evolving technology and policy changes on supply, demand, prices of base, precious, industrial, battery, critical, rare earth, energy metals
  • Use of Technology, Smart Data, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation - multiple panels by leading experts about how industry uses data and innovation to evaluate and manage operating and capital costs and risk, and to stay compliant with changing standards and regulations

  • Managing Changes of Rules and Regulations - multiple panels about managing in ever-changing regulatory landscape, including tax codes and best practices re harmonization, sustainability, societal and political risk
  • Engaging Stakeholders For Success - multiple panels and case studies re ESG, CSR best practices re impact of societal, economic, technical, sustainability, recycling on mining, infrastructure development and finance
  • Best Practices re Reserves and Resources - re recent changes to rules and definitions and harmonization of mining codes, rules and regulations including panels about U.S. SEC's S-K 1300 revising of Industry Guide 7
  • Government Policy to Foster, Advance, Attract Investment in mining and related sectors re stability of supply, technology and specialty metals
  • And other current topics, trends, issues, best practices and case studies

Visit the CTMF website for updates about the speakers and agendaa. You do not have to attend the conference to register  for the receptions  and workshops.

The format of CTMF 2020 will be similar to the 2019 schedule shown here.

We hope you join us! Space is limited. All must register in advance.
About New York SME - Organizer of SME's 8th annual CTMF Conference
NY SME, organizer of the CTMF conference, is a section of  Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, an association of 14,000+ geo-scientists and mining, mineral professionals in 100+ countries. SME members are mining executives, engineers, geologists, metallurgists, educators, students, and researchers. SME advances the worldwide mining and underground construction community with information exchange and professional development. SME is a member society of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers. The NY Section of SME encompasses the Tri-State area. Its members meet and network with peers and hear valuable presentations through its activities. NY SME dates back to 1871 when a handful of mining engineers in New York City founded the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers (AIME). We invite you to join  SME and visit the  SME's Bookstore Catalog with a selection of economic and business texts about mining. We hope you join us at CTMF 2020!

CTMF 2020 Contacts: We want to hear from you
Tim Alch, Executive Director of NY SME and Co-Chair (E)
Alan Oshiki, Co-Chair and EVP, Abernathy MacGregor (E)