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August 2018
Together, we have potential, impact
It is an honor to be chosen to serve as president of MOHR. I am committed to the mission, vision, and guiding principles that drive this great and necessary organization.
I’ve been fortunate to work in many aspects of this industry, most recently as vice president of administration for MSS. This fall, I will take on a new role as CEO of that nonprofit, where I have spent the last 28 years. MSS serves about 675 people in the metro area, focusing on creative arts, employment, and community involvement.
My passion for this field started when I was young. I grew up with extended family members with disabilities, and volunteered in the special-ed department during high school. These early experiences led to a lifelong interest in improving the lives of individuals with disabilities.
One important thing I’ve learned in my career is that collaboration is essential in order to be effective. I want to bring that approach to MOHR and increase engagement from all member organizations. In particular, I want to make sure that the voices of providers in greater Minnesota are part of the conversation. 
There will continue to be significant changes, challenges, and opportunities in our field. We need to mutually respect and support each other and unify our voices to have the best chance to respond in a way that will strengthen our organizations and continue the availability of a full spectrum of high-quality options for the individuals we support.
Simply put, we are stronger when we work together. I look forward to working with all of you in this new capacity. Don’t hesitate to contact me.  
To the staff in our field, as well as parents and guardians: you are foundational, needed, and appreciated!

President of MOHR

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In addition to a new president, MOHR elected a new Vice President, Robin Harkonen; and a new secretary: Steven Howard. Lynn Noren now heads Government Affairs and Mike Burke is chair of the Governance Committee. View the complete list.
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