June 3, 2022
Shipment #23 Leaves for Jamaica
Shipment of Health Supplies Headed to Jamaica
We kicked off the new month with a Food For The Poor (FFTP) shipment to Jamaica, the third largest island in the Caribbean. Nearly three million people call Jamaica home. The island, while beautiful, has an alarming increase in poverty, violent crime and 10.4 percent unemployment. As a result of your time, in-kind donations and financial support Midwest Mission shipped a fully loaded container Wednesday, June 1.

This shipment included a lot of medical supplies, which allows those receiving the shipment in Jamaica to give care to the most vulnerable. We are grateful for partnerships with the businesses and organizations who helped bring this Jamaica shipment to fruition. Franciscan Missions provided four barrels with lids. Passavant Hospital, Jacksonville, IL gave six exam tables. Rural King provided 240 cases of hand sanitizer. Memorial Health, Springfield, IL supplied 1500 PPE face masks, 1074 PPE gowns, 1100 PPE face shields as well as 95 orthopedic braces, 620 blankets and an array of other equipment. HD vinyl tarps were included from Lamar Advertising and CICIM, Decatur provided 13 mattresses.

Plus, the Rochester (Minnesota) Medical Mission team supplied 363 diapers, 100 catheter kits, 1600 blood transfer kits, 700 surgical drapes, 3600 blood collection tubes, 3000 syringes and 1000 medical washcloths and more.

The collaboration of many allows the work to move forward. FFTP has constructed medical clinics across the island to improve the existing facilities and assist health care workers who provide quality medical care.
  • In 2020, FFTP initiated a program that continues to aid individuals in need of funding for medical procedures or equipment critical to save lives or improve quality of life.
  • In 2020, FFTP shipped 35 tractor-trailer loads of medicines, medical equipment and other medical supplies to clinics and hospitals across the island. Durable medical equipment such as walkers and wheelchairs are provided to needy recipients.
  • FFTP provides financial assistance to aid in the care of more than 200 occupants in the country’s largest residential facility for the sick and the elderly.
The container contents had a value of $151,647.24 and included the following Midwest Mission Kits:
  • 2240 Student kits
  • 196 Layette Kits

Thank you for serving as the hands and feet of Jesus around the world and around the corner.
VBS Mission Outreach Opportunities
Midwest Mission wants to be your mission focus for Vacation Bible School. It's a great way to teach your kids how to show God's love in a practical way. Assembling Personal Dignity Kits (PDKs) will allow your kids to learn the importance of personal hygiene while helping someone else gain the basic resources for selfcare.

There is a video for day that tells stories and encourages kids to bring one or two items per day and culminates on the fifth day with a video showing how to put the kits together.

We are excited to have your kids help us "Send Hope and Empowerment Around
the World and Around the Corner."
Volunteer Spotlight
Kent Douglas
This week's spotlight is on Kent Douglas. He has served Midwest Mission for three years as a volunteer who comes in once a week.

I volunteer at Midwest Mission because:
"I love to serve in various ways to help benefit those in need in my community and around the world. I was told about Midwest Mission by another volunteer and I knew this is exactly the type of service I was looking for. I had no idea of the huge, various charitable jobs that exist out here. It's great to share how important Midwest Mission is with my friends."

My Favorite thing to do at Midwest Mission is:
"Anything that has to do with the school desks, building steps. I've rekindled my passion for woodworking. It's a true blessing to help supply quality desks for children around the world. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share the talents that God has blessed me with. May God continue to help Midwest Mission grow to help million around the world.

Thank you, Kent, for your service to Midwest Mission!

Please pray for Ukraine and US Military and their partners as they begin mission
Resolute Sentinel. May all those who received gifts of supplies from Midwest Mission
this week feel a comforting reminder of God's love.

"I am the Lord. There is no other God.
Isaiah 45:18


Work of the Mission Volunteers

Projects completed
  • 80 Feminine Hygiene Kits
  • 16 Birthing Kits
  • 60 Student Kits
  • 1160 Personal Dignity Kits (PDKs)
  • Home Care Kits
  • 408 UMCOR Hygiene Kits

Other work done
  • Traced Patterns
  • Applied polyurethane to Student Desks
  • Repaired bikes
  • Repaired Sewing Machines
  • Mowing/Grounds keeping
  • Sorted outfits
  • Counted into inventory
  • Cleaned facilities
  • Data Entry

  • Food For The Poor, Spanish Town Jamaica, details above Value: $148,761.090

Midwest Mission is able to do this work because of your generous donations and willingness to volunteer. Thank you!
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