December 1st, 2017
Sending Students of Kermanshah Back to School
Dear friend!

Thanks to the quick response and generosity of our community, more than 3,000 people donated to Child Foundation toward the Kermanshah earthquake relief, ranging from $5 to tens of thousands of dollars. CF was able to act qu ickly and has already sent six conex units, with another 22 paid for and ready for shipment. Child Foundation’s goal is to send at least 75 conex units, with the hopes of increasing that number as our community continues to send in their charitable donations.
This morning at 6:32 am local time, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit Kerman City. After 51 aftershocks, luckily the affected area did not see any deaths, though many homes were destroyed in 14 villages. With the November 12 th earthquake only three weeks behind us, the people of Iran do not deserve another devastating disaster. Kermanshah residence are still suffering from lack of shelter and basic amenities, all of which is aggravated further by the cold winter of the region.
Child Foundation’s goals are long term – to continually help the children of this shattered region get back in the classroom and not have their education and hopes for a better future interrupted. As you celebrate the coming holidays with your family and friends, take a moment and think of the people of Kermanshah who lack basic shelter this winter and donate generously to our Kermanshah earthquake fund here .
As a gentle reminder, December 31 st is the last day to donate to receive 2017 tax deduction benefits. You can take advantage of year end tax-deductions by sponsoring a child in need here .

Kamyar Lashgari
President & CEO
U.S. Sanctions and OFAC License
Many have started fundraising on their own to help the earthquake victims, with some utilizing social media outlets like Facebook. Please note, if you are donating through Facebook or other private online fundraising efforts, U.S. government sanctions will prohibit those funds from being released to Iran. Only organizations with a proper license from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) will be permitted to send financial aid to Iran.

Child Foundation is among the few organizations in the United States that carries this license and can ensure your financial support directly reaches those who are in need. During last two week, Child Foundation had transferred $300,000 to its sister foundation utilizing its OFAC license.

Please contact us if you have questions about safe and legal ways to help
In Your Name, for the Future
A Conex is a large, steel container that is modified to be used as a small classroom. The structure is strong enough to withstand future earthquakes while providing enough insulation to keep students warm in the winter. It is a fast and safe way to guarantee students are back in school. 
As part of our long-term plan, Child Foundation has started a campaign of purchasing conex units for students in the earthquake region. The cost of each unit, including shipping and furniture, is $5,000. For those who sponsor the full cost of a unit, their name will be printed at the entrance of the conex. A certificate of appreciation will also be issued with the location of the unit.

It is exciting to see so much interest to help in such a short period of time. Child Foundation has received inquiries from students groups, Persian schools, Iranian-American associations, and many others who are raising funds to sponsor a conex.

Well-known Iranian philanthropic families have joined in the effort as well. The Anoushiravani family in Portland and Momeni family in New Jersey have each sponsored a few conex units to be named after their beloved fathers. The Farzaneh family has ordered six units to be named after their children.

If you wish to donate a conex in the name of a loved one, please contact us here and help us save the future generation.
We are from Kermansh
Hadis , 6th grade

I am 11 years old and study in the sixth grade. My parents divorced due to my father’s addiction problem. 

Because of our financial situation, my mother remarried. But since her new husband would not accept me, I live with my grandparents.

Our house is in a poor neighborhood, with drug problems and crime. We do not have a kitchen and our bathroom does not work. 

With your help, I can continue my education and work toward a better future. 
Abulfazl , 6th grade

I am 12 years old and in the sixth grade. My father was unemployed for a long while, which put financial stress on our family. This resulted in my mother leaving us.

My father remarried, but shortly after he fell off a building and after two months in the hospital passed away.

I now live with my grandmother who recently had open-heart surgery. We struggle to get by every day.

With your help, I can stay in school and build a better and brighter future for myself.
Saba , 9th Grade

I am 14 years old and like sports, particularly karate. My father had an addiction problem and passed away in a fire. After this, my mother and I moved in with my grandparents. My mother suffers from lung disease and is not able to work.

Our home is small and in terrible condition with minimal equipment. Our only help is a donation from a charity which isn't nearly enough to provide for our daily needs, let alone my education.

With your generosity, I can continue my studies.