Thanksgiving is the perfect time to share what you're thankful for.
And for Houston Ground Angels, we are thankful for all of our volunteers, and all they do for so many! Thank you volunteers, and again, Happy Thanksgiving.
Reminder: You're Invited !

You are c ordially invited to join us for our second coffee social!
Medical Center Area
Wednesday November 6, 2019 at 10:00 am
Panera Bread, 3151 West Holcombe Blvd, Hou TX 77025 
We hope our volunteers will come and meet other volunteers,
share stories and exchange ideas. 
Coffee and buns will be served. 
Please RSVP to our host and new board member,
Derek King.  
You are cordially invited to
Houston Ground Angels'
Christmas/Holiday Volunteer Appreciation Celebration!
Saturday, the 7th of December
Noon- 3:00 p.m.
The Starline Theater
1940 Air Terminal Museum
at Hobby Airport
8325 Travelair Street, Houston 77061
Holiday Lunch Buffet Served
Beer & Wine, Soft Drinks, Tea, etc.
And More!
This event is complimentary for our volunteers and their plus-one.

Please RSVP by: November 15, 2019 to:
Houston Ground Angels
Management Review
November 2019
Tony Castiglie, Vice President & Treasurer
Fall weather finally arrived about one month after the official first day of Fall, this year September 23 rd . It sure is nice. Hopefully, it is something we can enjoy, if only for a short while. Watching the Houston Astros win the American League Pennant was a nice way to begin, but watching them lose the World Series was disappointing.
The Stats
·        Missions Run, October – 418; previous October high, 279 in 2018
·        Missions Run, 2019 – 3,321; previous high – 2,905 in 2015
·        Daily Average – 11; the best ever
·        Monthly Average – 332; previous high - the best ever
·        Annual Forecast – 4,000
·        Volunteers Running Missions – 69
·        Unfilled Missions – 26 (0.78%); none since June
·        Uber Missions – 1,216; 37% of total for the year
The Archangels
Thus far, we have run 3,321 missions since January, 48 percent of which are run by the Archangels, our top 10 volunteers. They are:
Top 10 Volunteers – 2019
Dick Stabell 385
Charles Whitworth 295
Sandra Begalke 230
Gerry Rein 183
David LaFargue 125
Tony LaRosa 111
Edie Cantu 74
Derek King 67
Jacko Garrett 59
Charles Gibson 53
We are deeply appreciative for the dedication of all our volunteers but there are always a few who stand out. Dick Stabell continues to amaze. January through October, there are 304 days meaning Dick has averaged more than one mission a day for the whole year. Gerry Rein also continues to amaze. His first mission was August 5 th and he has already run 183 missions. That’s more than two per day! Really special! 
The real success of this organization has always been those select few who run lots of missions, some who have been with us for many years & have chalked up big numbers. The accumulative contribution of these volunteers is:

All Time and Still Active:
Charles Whitworth 1,756
Sandra Begalke 1,129
Charles Gibson 836
Dick Stabell 751
Mary Hutto 636
Uber continues to work out well, at least in terms of providing ground transportation for medical patients between airports and Texas Medical Center. Our “Unfilled Missions” have been reduced to zero. Thus far since January 2019, Uber has satisfied 1,216 missions, about 37 percent of total for the year, missions that would have gone unfilled. The huge number is due primarily to the increase in patient requests for our services. 
But this is coming at great financial cost, which we will be unable to sustain. Have we lost sight of our true mission and are we trying to do too much?  Our mission is to offer compassion and information to patients in need, not just a free ride. By using Uber every time we do not have a volunteer, are we simply paying for ground transportation for people who can afford to pay for it themselves? This is an issue the Board of Directors will be addressing in November.  

October 02, 2019
To the Houston Ground Angels,
Enclosed is a memorial gift in the name of Mattie Jo.
Please notify her family of this gift.
Thank you,
John & Jean
Wichita, Kansas
October 06, 2019
In memory of Mattie Jo, Wichita, Kansas.
(Donation Included)
Troy & Vonola
Hot Spring, Arkansas
October 08, 2019
Thank you for all you do.
(Donation Included)
Gordon & Maureen
Bloomfield, Michigan
New Volunteers
October brought us Don Riggs, a friend of Board Member Derek King. Don resides in the Champions/FM1960 area. Welcome aboard and thank you for joining. You will find this a very rewarding experience.
As always, to every volunteer who steps up, thank you for your contribution. This year, 2019, is looking great! Thanksgiving is always an uplifting time of the year. Happy Thanksgiving and peace and love to all.
We Need Your Help!
Please write about about helping Patients for Grants

Often when we apply for a grant to a Foundation, they ask for letters of support. So if you have a story to tell about a patient that may not have been able to come to Houston for treatments if it had not been for Houston Ground Angels, or a patient that really expressed their thankfulness for HGA, like maybe an elderly person or single mom. Would you please write this story and send it to me? Please do not worry about grammar or spelling or anything - just tell us about your experience. At the top of the page, please put the date, then your name and address, and address your letter to To Whom It May Concern. Tell us your patient's story and why you think HGA is an important organization and important for what they do to help people. Then we will submit it with the grants we send in to Foundations. It would be a GREAT help. A HUGE help. Please send your letters to me: or just hit reply here. Thank you!!!
Mission Anyone?

Please check the website to see if there are any Missions that fit your schedule.

Thank you to all of our volunteers:

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and

we hope to see you soon at the

Holiday/Christmas Party on Dec. 7!