Happy Thanksgiving! On this special day, I want to express my gratitude for all your caring, support and friendship over the years. This musical journey wouldn't be nearly as special without you.


Thanksgiving is all about recognizing our blessings and sharing our abundance with others. So now through Christmas, I have decided to donate 50% of my CD and download card sales (applies only to the sales directly from my website - unfortunately I can't track iTunes) to an organization about which I care deeply,  " Peace. Love. Haiti." This is a small nonprofit comprised of doctors and nurses who minister to the people of Haiti a couple times a year by providing much-needed medical care and love to people who are living in extreme poverty. Order yours here;  it's name your price!


This past week I had an opportunity to speak and play music at Mesabi Range College. As it was so close to the holiday, I spoke about gratitude for life's blessings. I just wanted to share with you my closing thoughts from Tuesday's presentation: 

"This Thanksgiving, may we try to view our loved ones, relatives, coworkers, strangers, and even our enemies through the eyes of compassion and with the aim of enrichment. Everyone wants love. Everyone wants an enriching and fulfilling life. We all have the power of love inside of us; our kindness is a gift we can give to every person we meet. We can also extend this kindness and caring to ourselves this holiday season through self-care, relaxation, fellowship, and laughter. 

When enrichment is our purpose, life is less about competition or pressure to succeed or even to overcome obstacles. It's about making the best out of each and every moment we are alive. It's about spreading love. 

Gratitude allows us to be in the moment by appreciating even the smallest details of the world around us. Enrichment helps us to stop seeing others as a burden or a means to an end - we can all be teachers, we can all be taught. We can all give and receive comfort. 

Until our very last moments on this earth, we can appreciate and have gratitude for our bodies, our loved ones, and the world around us. And that is a statement of great hope... indeed a victory of its own."

Thanks again for your support. I hope each of you have a wonderful evening filled with warmth, laughter, and love! 

Gaelynn Lea 

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