Season's greetings to you and yours!
Happy Holidays from your family at MPACT!

This last year we have enjoyed supporting you and your family on this special journey.  As we reflect on where we have come we are reminded of our successes as an organization.  


  • In 2016, MPACT  attended over 200 in-person meetings with families.
  • MPACT provided individual support to over 2700 families.
  • MPACT trained over 5400 families and the professionals that work with them.

We encourage you to help us, help you more in the new year.  Please complete our survey and tell us how we did supporting your family this year and what we can do for your family in 2017.  The survey can be found at

6 Tips to Thrive this Holiday Season

Lots of times you see things like Surviving the Season - Quick Tips.  However we don't want you to feel like you are surviving, we want you to feel like you are thriving this holiday season.  Here are 12 Tips from moms (& dads) to help you and your family Thrive!

1.  Large family gatherings can cause sensory overload.  Try introducing your child to a few family members at a time instead of all at once.  

2.  Meeting new family members can be intimidating.  Some families suggest mailing a letter about your child before hand or sending a quick message with items that are important or interesting to your child. 

3. The holidays are supposed to be filled with love and laughter, don't let the worry of perfect decorations and perfect parties ruin your fun with family and friends. Be spontaneous and let your kids have fun decorating the way they see fit. 

4. So many times we want to be independent and not ask for help but when we are in a rocky position and we allow others to do something small for us, it is like giving them a blessing!  Allowing others to help you can be a gift. 

5. While schedules can be chaotic during the holidays, allow your family and yourself time to rest.  Rest will allow for both you and your family to truly enjoy the holiday season. 

6.  You and your family come first! Don't let the stress to impress cause you to forget that. Make sure your plans are accommodating to your family.

Don't forget our holiday hours.  
MPACT will be closed December 21st - January 2nd.  
Enjoy your holidays!!

The Team at MPACT
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