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Photo: Gary Staudt

Mid-Winter Greetings!

Equestrian Statue of Joan of Arc by Anna Hyatt Huntington, Riverside Drive, New York City

Part of a new series exploring the theme of Animals of New York

Janus, the Roman god whose name is the root of the name of this first month of the western calendar, is associated with beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, frames and endings. He appears to have been presiding over much of my creative enterprise of late. My 2021 was a year of launches and shutdowns, doors closed and others opened, time stalled and time sped up. 2022 is proving a bit challenging.


New Website

The most important new door opened is my new, handsome and much more navigable website. It lives at the same address as before: If you like the look and feel of it, and are thinking of a new online portal for yourself, I can highly recommend its co-creator, Katie Ayres. She knows both the front and back ends of designing and building efficient websites for artists and other creative people and is found at

Solo Exhibitions: some more closings and openings

It was quite the year for exhibition-plans to be buffeted by the effects of the COVID pandemic.

Colors of Spring: Paintings and Drawings, an exhibition of 15 works on canvas that was installed on March 2, 2020, with an expected end-date of late June that year spent a 18-month quarantine at the Mulberry Street Branch of the New York Public Library; we repatriated the paintings, all in perfect condition, on August 31, 2021. 

A show scheduled for installation in the Spring of 2021 at the Huntington Public Library on Long Island was postponed until this coming April 2022.

After a first attempt on January 11 to hang Animals Real and Imagined: Painting, Prints and Drawings at the New Amsterdam Branch of the New York Public Library that went on pause for a week when one of the branch librarians tested positive for COVID, I am pleased to report that the show is now open to the public during regular library hours.

Meantime, a variation of this show is planned for this April at the Huntington Public Library, on Long Island. 

Photos: Wanda Noonan

Group Exhibitions

In addition to participating in several group shows at the Salmagundi Club, I had work in three on-line exhibitions:

* Spring New Members' Exhibition of the National Association of Women Artists

* The Healing Power of ART in Honor of Nature, Manhattan Arts International

* Forever Young, Islip Art Museum


This year included original oil and watercolor paintings, monotypes, posters, reproductions of my work on cards and other objects. One oil landscape with grazing horses has gone to a country house in northern Germany near the area depicted. Another canvas of bison in the snow of Yellowstone Park now lives in New Jersey. A very yellow floral watercolor is now in Minnesota. I also had some fun here painting surgical masks on photocopies of a number of my animal monotypes and reproducing these


Wanda Noonan has made a new series of videos about the Mulberry Street Library exhibition; the Landscape/ Cityscape exhibition at the Salmagundi Club; the processes involved in making a commissioned animal portrait; and the first half of a series about individual colors best described as semi-autobiographical; All are available on my YouTube channel.  

NYPL exhibition

"Colors of Spring: The New York Public Library" 

Hank in Sepia

"Hank in Sepia: Behind the Scenes of a Pet Portrait" 

Hints of RED

 "Hints of Color: Red"




I continue to offer very small group classes at my Bond Street studio. We're never more than five in the double-cube room: 11' x 22' x 11;' high ceiling, with good light and ventilation. COVID precautions observed.


Tea is always served at



Please feel free to get in touch

at 212-464-7519


Current schedule:

Monday 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Wednesday 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

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Looking forward to an art-filled and healthy 2022 with you.

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