Volume 39, Issue 4 Winter 2020
Warm Wishes to you and yours!
President Letter
Happy Holidays! We are wrapping up this "eventful" year. I will be wishing upon a star for a fresh, healthy start to the new year for all! COVID-19 has sure touched all of our lives in one way or another and I will be grateful when that isn't the first topic of conversation.

WFCCA is starting to prepare marketing materials for our Spring Conference at the Chula Vista in WI Dells. I sure hope to see you join us next year at this event. After missing this year's conference, it's really important to get things back to "normal". In our Early Childhood Education Field, the conference really helps me stay motivated and inspired, reconnect with colleges, meet some fun new faces, and have a moment to relax and reflect.

As for the WFCCA Board, we are still continuing zoom meetings to conduct business, but are very much involved in the important discussions to help support our Wisconsin Family Providers. We DO have some Regional Board Positions open if you'd be interested in getting more involved. Please reach out to us with any questions or interest that you may have.

I hope that everyone gets some relaxation, and you are able to enjoy some family time over the month...even if it's a special zoom call with a loved one. Stay healthy! See you in 2021.

Leah Zastoupil
WFCCA President
Conference Coordinator Letter

Tara Ebben
2020 Conference Coordinator
N4801 Rexford Rd.
Shiocton, WI 54170

December 1, 2020

Wisconsin Family Child Care Association needs your help.
We are currently planning our Wisconsin Family Child Care Annual Conference to be held April 29, 30, and May 1, 2021 at the Chula Vista Resort and Conference Center, 2501 River Road, Wisconsin Dells. We are seeking qualified professionals from the Early Childhood field or related allied fields to present workshop sessions at our conference. Please consider submitting a Presenter Proposal. As you are aware, the caliber and diverse content of the workshops are in great part what defines the quality of our conference. We hope to offer a wide variety of topics to both new and experienced providers and teachers.

Please fill out the enclosed Presenter Proposal and return it prior to December 31, 2020, so your Presenter Proposal can be among those considered for our 2021 Conference. Please complete the description area as you would like it to appear in our conference book. If there is more than one Presenter for your workshop, please list all names on the Presenter Proposal.

Workshop sessions will be 1 hour 15 minutes in length. Request for double sessions will be considered. Presenters will be responsible for their own travel, lodging and AV needs. There will be a hostess assigned to each workshop to help with your needs and those of participants.

No selling of your product is allowed during your workshop. You may sign up for Exhibit Space if you would like to sell your product by contacting Marlene Tiesling at 920.450.1615 or

While children are welcome in the exhibit area of our conference, when accompanied by an adult, they are not allowed in the workshop breakout rooms with the exception of mothers with nursing infants.

WFCCA will offer reduced conference fees OR exhibit space to accepted presenters at our annual conference as follows: workshop presenters (maximum of one per workshop) a reduced conference fee of $50.00 per day(s) presenting OR up to two exhibit tables at a cost of $35.00 each per day(s) presenting for Friday and/or Saturday

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me at 920.585.1778 or

We hope you will take this opportunity to network and support family child care providers through your participation in our WFCCA annual conference.


Tara Ebben
2021 Conference Coordinator
Member Discount
The mission of WFCCA is to provide support, education, communication and resources to family childcare providers, families and community members, while promoting professionalism and advocating within the early childhood field to provide quality care for children
To fulfill these goals, WFCCA offers these benefits to you:
WFCCA Conference Chula Vista Resort Wisconsin Dells  April 30 - May 1, 2021 featuring great keynotes, breakout sessions with the keynote speakers, many other great sessions with a variety of topics, door prizes, business purchasing options, and great networking opportunities!
Resources: Quarterly newsletter via email, Facebook news, and constantly changing informative website at
Advocacy:  WFCCA is your voice in state legislature, licensing, and wherever policy affects you and your business.
NAFCC Affiliate & Quality Improvement Project: As a NAFCC affiliate WFCCA is able to provide a national prospective, share training resources, scholarships and mentoring opportunities with our members to achieve Accreditation status. We also support mentoring, trainings and guidance to improving Youngstar levels.
Discounts: Discounts off the main spring conference as well as Regional Mini Conferences, 10% off tuition at Rasmussen College, and 10% off tuition for master’s and Doctoral Degrees through our Partner Colleges.
  Now through December 31st, WFCCA is offering a $5.00 off WFCCA membership for a special COVID-19 Relief Event. This membership is usually $20 per year.  By renewing now, if your membership is current, we will extend your membership one year from expiration date. If your membership is not current, your membership starts upon receipt of payment with the $15.00 special discounted price.
    There are two ways to pay; print the membership application off of the web site, and send payment to our Membership Chair before the end of the year, as listed on the application, or if you wish to pay via PayPal, please complete the registration from our website. 

Kind regards,

WFCCA board members
Help Wanted
It is an exciting time to become a member of the WFCCA Board of Directors! We are currently looking for Regional representatives for the upcoming 2-year terms. WFCCA will be voting in Representatives from Regions 1,2,3,4,5, and 7 at the 2021 conference.

Regional Representatives shall:
1.  Represent their region when voting is required.
2.  Serve as a channel through which essential information from the Association will reach early child care professionals.
3.  Bring to the Association official announcements and directives from their region.
4.  Bring to the Association any significant information on child care issues in their region.

Duties of Representatives:
·      Attend board meetings
·      Maintain current Wisconsin Family Child Care Association membership
·      Serve on committees
·      Attend the annual caucus and help at the annual May conference
·      Be the contact for early child care professionals in their region
·      Be open to helping with a mini conference in your region
·      Work with the other two elected Region Reps in your region

Benefits of Representatives:
·      Reduced conference fees
·      Support and networking amongst colleagues
·      Professional recognition
·      Advocacy opportunities
·      Friendships and positive relationships with others on the board
·      Opportunities to learn more within the Early Childhood field
·      Opportunities to do trainings for others

Sound interesting? Have more questions? Feel free to email or call 608-322-1260 to speak to a board member. Want a position? Send in a bio to the gmail address and we will add you to the voting ballot at the conference, even if you are not able to be there in person.
Looking ahead to an amazing New Year:
All the BEST in 2021.
Stay Strong
Ring in the New Year with a FREE Continuing Ed. opportunity.
Region 1 Coffee Clutch, January 14, 2021
Executive Directors and Operational Chairpersons
President: Leah Zastoupil,
Vice-President: Billie Jo Walmer,
Secretary: Amy Weishaar,
Treasurer: Sarah Fleming,
Past President: Celeste Swoboda,
Region Rep Coordinator: Diane Eisen,
Conference Coordinator: Tara Ebben,
Website Administrator: Amy Nogar,
Member Communications:
Marketing Coordinator: Holly Hale,