Hydra-Tech’s S6300, 12” hydraulic submersible solids handling pump features a high performance closed vane channel impeller which offers superior efficiency resulting in both high volume and high head capabilities. This 12” pump is great for use on jobs where higher heads or long discharge runs are encountered such as sewer-by-pass, barge transfer, municipal waste lagoon and tank pumping. This pump can also be used as a high volume feed pump for fire suppression systems. Combined with our HT100 to HT200 HP power units, the S6300 is capable of flows up to 8500 GPM and heads to 110 feet. The safe and variable speed hydraulic drive can be used where electric power is hazardous or impractical. For more information please contact Hydra-Tech at phone number 570-645-3779, our website www.hydra-tech.com or email htpump@hydra-tech.com