Dear Friends, Colleagues and Community,

 Another year is coming to a close, and I hope you share in a feeling of accomplishment for the work we've done toward reaching our diversity and inclusion goals, even though we know the work never really stops. For me, the holidays are a time to think back on those achievements, celebrations, honors and our newly minted graduates - they all add to our collective UW-Madison story.  

There will always be evolving goals and midpoints to plan and challenges to overcome. But most importantly, the years keep coming with another chance to reset, refocus and push forward -- always forward. Don't forget to enjoy the quiet of the academic break surrounded by fresh snow, family and festivities. Be happy as we enter 2019 and rally our community to carry “On Wisconsin."
Patrick J. Sims 
Deputy Vice Chancellor for Diversity & Inclusion
Elzie Higginbottom Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer
Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement 
University of Wisconsin-Madison
109 Bascom Hall | | 608-265-5228