Sending you Hope from Hometown!
As a result of the current COVID-19 outbreak and changes in our daily lives, we felt it was necessary to share a Dose of Hope from our Hometown Foundation family to yours! During these difficult times, it is incredibly important to inspire hope and positivity in others. We need to lift up our friends and family, reflect on unforgettable memories, and be inspired by the acts of love and kindness that constantly revolve around us. People are doing great things daily and we are positioned to spread it throughout the world! 
Dream Riders Connect
Across the World!
This week Dream Rider Brandon from West Palm Beach, FL was able to have a Facebook Group Video Chat with Dream Riders from across the United States and Australia! Dream Riders were able to discuss how the current pandemic is affecting their lives, including the cancellation of events they look forward to year round, such as Dream Ride Australia and their Special Olympics competitions, along with some losing the access to go to work, attend day programs, and social outings. We are proud that the Dream Ride Experience is able to bring our Dream Ride friends together, allowing them to connect, discuss important issues going on in the world, share their feelings, and understand that they are not alone in this! Thank you to all of our supporters for joining us in making a difference in our Dream Rider’s lives!
Go Baby Go is on the Move!
The Hometown Foundation, Inc. has teamed up with Go Baby Go to provide customized, ride-on cars to young children with disabilities so they can move around independently! In 2019, with the help of Papa’s Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Mayor Erin Stewart of New Britain and Central Connecticut State University, teamed up to help The Dengler Family of Connecticut. Their daughter, Harper, was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, a rare genetic neurological and developmental disorder that affects the way the brain develops, causing a progressive loss of motor skills and speech that primarily affects girls. Her father, Chris, reached out to The Hometown Foundation, Inc. to get Harper involved with The Dream Ride Experience. On Saturday, August 24 th , the family was surprised with a modified Go Baby Go for Harper! She was given a tool that assists her with mobility daily and improves her quality of life.
Sending our Troops a Piece of Home
The Hometown Foundation values our troops who are on the front lines every day fighting for our freedom. The commitment and dedication of our military troops inspired us to send over 50 packages overseas to give them a little piece of home! Although they can't be with their friends and family we wanted to send them a little hope and happiness that will help them get by. We would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who generously donated goods and supplies to make this donation possible.

To our Troops...
Thank you for constantly supporting our country and being a true representation of strength, respect, and honor.
During this time of need, it is important to remember the year-round impact we have on our communities. The Hometown Foundation, Inc. is continuing to spread positive messages in our hometowns, while bringing communities together.