"How are you doing?" That's the question on all of our minds as we think about the people we are suddenly separated from as we 'shelter in place'. With our usual routines set aside for now, some of us are wondering "Now what?"

Well, PRNSA hopes to help fill some of that unexpected free time by bringing the Park to your place! Over the next few weeks, we aim to provide you with fun ways to connect with nature and us while you’re at home.

We are currently unable to bring our community of young people, families, adults, and teachers to our programs at Point Reyes National Seashore, but we are still here for you! We will lend support by sharing information and ideas, by encouraging exploration of the various places where we are taking shelter, and by forging new and deeper connections with each other and our shared natural world.

As we packed up our office early this past week, we knew we would miss our Park partners, friends and our resident non-human community members: the quail coveys, the acorn woodpeckers, and the bobcat we frequently see from our office windows. Our conversations led us to consider how we could enjoy the Park from our various places.

We offer you our solution: "Park In Place" is a fun concept that reminds us of ALL the members of our communities and might also conjure up images of your favorite beach or trail in Point Reyes to keep you company until you can visit the Park again. It is a name we can come home to. The hashtag is included in our future references to this Park In Place campaign as we encourage people to use this hashtag on their own social media posts to engage with us.
For our first #ParkInPlace installment, we are happy to share a few ideas from Audrey Orum, one of our young PRNSA volunteers. A few months ago Audrey researched and created an herbarium for PRNSA's science library at the Clem Miller Environmental Education Center (please note that she had a permit to catalog her specimens) .
In the "How To" video below, she offers tips on how you can create your own herbarium with plants from your yard or neighborhood, as well as other ideas for kids to connect with nature while sticking closer to home.
Create an Herbarium at Home Using Backyard Plants
Instructional Video by Audrey Orum
The finished sword fern page from
Audrey's herbarium.
We hope you’ll share what you’re up to with us through this new #ParkInPlace campaign! 

Stay tuned on social media and don’t forget to tag us in your posts and stories on Facebook and Instagram .
#ParkInPlace and #PointReyes_PRNSA

If you do not use these platforms, please email me your ideas, stories,
and photos at [email protected].
We are keeping you all in our thoughts and sending you a big, virtual hug. Thank you for sticking with us during this time and joining our new, online campaign as a way for us to keep in touch. Have fun on your indoor or outdoor #ParkInPlace adventures, and we sincerely hope to see you again soon!

Heather sig 1
Heather Clapp
Director of Development and Community Engagement
P.S. - This weekend I am reading Our Wild Calling, a new book by Richard Louv that explores the mutual benefit of deepening our connection with animals. I'll also explore my local Bolinas neighborhood with my sons while waving at a safe distance to my neighbors. How about you? What are you doing to stay connected to nature? I’d love to hear from you.
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