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December Newsletter
Issue #2015-12
December, 2015
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Happy Holidays from the Board of Seneca Past and Present!  We hope all of your holiday celebrations are happy and healthy and that your New Year includes time to give back to your alma mater.  Join us for our next meeting on Monday, January 4, at 6:00pm in the Media Center at school.  See you there!

Basketball Season is HERE!
The first home basketball game is THIS Friday, December 4.  The girls play at 6:00 and the boys follow at 7:30.  Come by the Seneca Past and Present table in the lobby of the Kenneth Farmer Gymnasium to talk about what you can do for Seneca!
We Need Your Help!
Many years ago, the Class of 1964 donated a trophy case to hold the three State Championship trophies that Seneca earned. Two of these are in basketball and one is in football. However, the years have not been kind to the trophy case or its contents. We are in the process of analyzing options to display these trophies in a more prominent manner. The case donated by the Class of 1964 is currently in the lobby of the Kenneth Farmer gym. Please consider coming to a basketball game to take a look, see the situation for yourself and weigh in on the discussion. If you are in the Class of 1964 - or any other class for that matter - and you are interested in creating a better display space for these trophies, email us with your ideas or go to our website and donate! We will be entertaining your ideas for the next 30 days so, don't delay!
Sophomore Named to Advisory Council

Kaeli Riggs, a current sophomore at Seneca High School and a participant in the Education Career Academy, has been named to the Next-Generation Student Advisory Council, a group that provides input to Kentucky Commissioner of Education Stephen Pruitt.  The purpose of the council is to provide feedback from Kentucky students to the Commissioner of Education and to engage student leaders in learning by doing. This group will meet with Commissioner Pruitt and Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) staff, both in person and virtually, to discuss how decisions made at the state level are affecting public school students throughout Kentucky and to provide valuable feedback -- from a student perspective -- on critical issues impacting Kentucky students and schools.  The Next-Generation Student Council is a year-long program for Kentucky public school students in grades 10-12. The council is comprised of a diverse group of students with ideas and thoughtful insight into how public schools and student achievement can be improved.

Congratulations Kaeli!  We know you will represent us well!
Reunions, Reunions, Reunions!
If you have a reunion coming up, PLEASE get in touch with us! We want to help you get in touch with your classmates. We would also like to be a part of your planning process. We can put together tours of the school and can speak about our efforts on behalf of current students and staff at any of your planning meetings or events! AND we can advertise on our website. You can even have your own class page on the website and use it to get the word out! Just email us to let us know what we can do to help you! 
Seneca Forever,

Board of Directors

Seneca Past and Present