Mike Kearney and Dave Schanz,
Senior Care Authority of
Rochester, New York
Mike Kearney and Dave Schanz have been friends for over 40 years – but more recently, they also became business partners. As franchise owners of Senior Care Authority in Rochester, New York in 2017.

Mike and Dave are making a positive difference in the lives of local families, helping them navigate the overwhelming challenges associated with selecting the best options in assisted living, memory care, nursing care and other long-term care services.
Q. Franchise Chatter (FC): Welcome Mike and Dave. For those who may not be familiar, can you start by telling us what Senior Care Authority is all about?

A. Mike Kearney (MK): Senior Care Authority is the nation’s premiere senior placement and eldercare consulting company. Based in Petaluma, California, the franchise network is comprised of locally owned and professionally trained advisors who assist families in the overwhelming challenges associated with selecting the best options in assisted living, memory care, nursing care and other long-term care services. We have found our local Rochester area to be very receptive and eager to use the services we provide as Senior Care Authority franchise owners.

Q. Franchise Chatter: What inspired you to invest in a franchise to begin with and why did you choose Senior Care Authority?

A. Mike Kearney: I was seeking an opportunity to own my own business and specifically to serve the booming senior market. I found this business model and was very intrigued. Frankly, it sounded too good to be true. Is it possible to help families who need assistance in choosing a senior community and do so without cost to the family?

A. Dave Schanz (DS): Mike was shopping for a business to buy several years ago and I offered to help with due diligence, P&L and a business plan. At that time, my family was struggling to care for my father who suffered from Alzheimer’s. I lived in Chicago, but had supportive family in Rochester to help. We had a very difficult time identifying and understanding care options for my father and mother despite them having significant resources to pay for senior living. This challenging experience led me to make an investment to partner with Mike.
We spent a great deal of time comparing franchise options and decided on Senior Care Authority. Frank Samson and his team were patient, honest and forthcoming with details. Senior Care Authority provides all the tools needed to become a Certified Senior Advisor, learn and understand the placement business, provide value to seniors and their families, while retaining the autonomy to manage and grow our business as we see fit.

Q. Franchise Chatter: How did the pandemic affect you as franchisees? The senior care industry as a whole?

A. Dave Schanz: The closing of senior communities to new residents and visitation had an understandably devastating effect on both the supply and demand for senior living. Seniors who were unable to make a move when they needed the support became isolated and, in many cases, suffered injuries while living alone and coping with the COVID safety measures.

Senior Care Authority almost immediately pulled together franchisees to provide ideas for new sources of revenue and brainstorm for new ways to get through the pandemic. Statistics showed occupancy plummeted for much of 2020, while simultaneously, COVID safety measures added new costs to keep residents safe. To make matters worse, finding and maintaining staff in senior communities became an issue due to the fear of spread.
Become A Senior Care Authority Franchise Owner

  1. We are seeking strong networkers, outgoing, communicative personalities.
  2. Sales, marketing, executives management, health care backgrounds.
  3. If you have gone through a personal experience of caring or placing an aging loved one, you are a great fit.
  4. Desire to work for yourself and find work/life balance.
  5. Low investment and low overhead.
  6. Offering large exclusive territories.

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