April 8, 2020
Dear Seniors and Families,

I loved seeing your faces briefly yesterday morning during the Senior Project meeting! Congratulations on completing your Senior Theses; this is a major milestone in your Animas education, and your class is rising to the challenge of completing Senior Project under truly extraordinary conditions. Good thing that we know that you are more than capable of doing it, and doing it well.

Senior parents--curious about timeline and expectations for the remainder of Senior Project? Hop on to Ashley Carruth's digital portfolio or look at this letter, which summarizes how the senior team is moving forward with Senior Project in a remote learning environment. Seniors will be working on their Action Projects through May 5, at which time they'll transition to preparing for TED Talks, which are currently scheduled for May 15 through 22.

I know that it must feel so hard right now to not know for sure what end-of-year traditions like Senior Celebration, Senior Impersonations and Graduation will look like for you all. Believe you me, we will definitely find ways to make the culmination of your high school experience special ( in fact, teachers just might be talking already about what Senior Impersonations could look like if we need to do them remotely...).

As we mentioned in the letter about changes to the yearbook schedule last week, we are pushing back the production timeline for the Senior Celebration Booklet to allow seniors a bit more time to complete Action Projects, make decisions about future plans and send photos our way. Please have a look at last year's Senior Celebration Booklet to get a sense of what makes this such a special keepsake. The full-color booklet features a half-page spread for each senior, plus several other pages of senior candids and celebrations honoring your graduating class.

New Deadlines for Senior Celebration
We are now planning to distribute the Senior Celebration Booklet in early July, rather than late May. Here are the new deadlines for seniors and families:

  • Family Encouragement Ads help us offset the cost of the Senior Celebration Booklet, which we provide free of charge, and give families an opportunity to celebrate their graduates with photos and words of appreciation. Cost is $65 for a quarter page, $125 for a half page and $250 for a full page; send photos and message to Cindy Atchison at [email protected] by May 22.

  • Send Senior Photos to [email protected] by June 1. The yearbook staff will use up to three photos in the yearbook, but we use just one photo per senior in the Senior Celebration Booklet. If you are sending more than one photo, please indicate which one you want to use in the Senior Celebration Booklet.

  • Seniors must complete the Senior Celebration Booklet Questions as soon as possible, and no later than June 1. The Google Form, linked above, will gather information we'll include on each senior's half page including highlights from time at AHS, advice to freshmen, lessons from AHS and plans for the future.

We're grateful for the beautiful design work Osprey parent Cindy Atchison, mom to juniors Chris and Sam, does each year for our Senior Celebration Booklet through her business, Cindy Miller Atchison Design , and we know that this year's book will be something your families will keep for years.

Finally, we want to share our congratulations with two members of the AHS Class of 2020 in particular at this strange moment in time--Ori Rehman and Annabelle Mick, proud new parents to baby Rhiannon, who joined them last Saturday. It's no small feat to juggle senior year of high school, planning for the future and becoming parents, and Ori and Annabelle, along with their loving families and friends, have handled themselves with such grace, determination and maturity. We are proud of them--and proud of the entire senior class for the kind support they've shown to Annabelle and Ori this year. You all are good, good people.

All best,