Dear Members,

Every January, township boards hold their reorganization meetings to establish themselves for the coming year. The Senior Advisory Council meeting was held last week, and I am very excited about working together to reinvent the senior center as we know it!

We have a lot to look forward to with the promise of mass vaccinations and being able to be together in some fashion again in just a few short months. Of course, we don't know what the future holds but we can certainly plan programs in the mean time!

The Senior Advisory Council consists of 13 Senior Center members who meet on the first Thursday of each month at 10:30 AM and take on various responsibilities related to the senior center. (Of course, we have been and will continue to meet via Microsoft Teams until it is deemed safe to be together.) We are honored that our township liaison is Mayor Charlie Carley. There is currently one Council position open; if you are interested in applying for this opening please email me as soon as you can.

Senior Center members can also serve on one of our Council committees -- this is a great way to provide valuable input, help shape the Center for your fellow members, and give back to the community. There are three committees that have openings; please drop me a line if you are interested.

Nominating Committee: This group's role is to review and interview each applicant for the Senior Advisory Council and then recommend the best candidate(s) for open positions.

Program Committee: This group of volunteers meets regularly to discuss programs and classes. During regular (i.e. non-pandemic) times, you would also discuss trips. This group meets with or without the Center's program coordinator so that she can implement some of the ideas brought to her.

Health Committee: The purpose of this committee is to bring health-related information to the seniors that is relevant to them. This group also may make recommendations about presentations that they would like us to coordinate.

Even if you're not ready to join a committee, but would like to see the Council in action, you are welcome to log on. The agenda includes public comments and you are welcome to ask a question or share an idea. Next month's meeting is on Thursday, February 4th. Please email me if you would like me to send you a link.

South Brunswick
Office of Emergency Management
vaccine information line:

Please call 732.329.4000 x 4400 for updated information on vaccine distribution
Attention Gardeners!!

We are currently working on opening our fenced-in garden area (immediately adjacent to the Senior Center) to our seniors as a community garden.

We are hoping that this community garden will also result in a 'garden community' -- and we are starting by forming a committee to help shape this project.

Ultimately there some raised beds (for those who have trouble bending) and possibly some ground beds; if you interested in learning more, serving on the Garden Committee, or just wanting a space to call your own in the spring please email me for details.
Darlene Dawson has been our benefits coordinator and SHIP (State Health Insurance Program) Counselor. If you've ever met with her, you know that she is able to help our members navigate the complicated world of Medicare with a can-do attitude and amazing results.
If you need help with Medicare you can reach out to Darlene at: 732.329.4000 x 7676

Here (in her own words) is an example of what she does.
A Senior Member came to me in quite a fluster regarding a problem she was experiencing with her current Medical Insurance. 

When she retired at the age of 65, she had signed up for Medicare Part A & B. She did not need to sign up for a Medigap/Supplement, or a Part D because she was able to keep “employer medical coverage” into retirement. This was working out fine for her until she was recently notified by mail, that she was losing her employer coverage. They were no longer in business. 

Now, at the age of 92, she found herself in a position where she needed to find a Medigap policy, and a Part D policy, as soon as possible, so she would not have a gap in coverage. Being a SHIP counselor, I advised her of my training and knowledge of all parts of Medicare Insurance. I told her I would help her step by step through the process of obtaining these coverages. 

After several conference calls to compare Medigap and Part D policies and premiums, we were able to secure coverage for her without a gap. This Senior was overjoyed and so thankful that I was here to help her in her time of need. I think she even used the word “guardian angel”, lol. 

I told her that working here at the Senior Center enables me to do what I love, and that is helping our Seniors with their Medicare needs. Especially now during this crazy times we are living in, I was glad to be able to help, and provide a service to someone in need, at a scary time in their life.
Save the Date:
Brain Buzz
Beginning February 1st

2 pm sign up by calling Dawn at 732.329.4000 x 7682

Join Dawn for a for a 6-week course that will be exploring how our brains work and what we can do to keep them healthy. Each class will focus on a different aspect of the brain and will combine a brief lecture with interactive learning via a teleconference. Each class will last approximately one hour and the 6 week session will be limited to 6 participants.