Volume 4 Issue 29 | September 14, 2021
  • Is Management Next to Leave?
  • SPONSORED: Maximize the Dining Experience
  • Drive Marketing with Food
  • CDC Focus on Source Control
Is Management Next to Leave?
When will Burnout Burn Down?

A universal story was being shared at the SDA One Day Experience…workers are getting burned out. Will vacancies be filled before the staff and management decide to leave?

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Choice. Dignity. Self-determination. Relationships. Respect.
Practical and Proven Ways to Maximize the Dining...

Practical and Proven Ways to Maximize the Dining Experience These are key principles in culture change conversations and represent values that we all know are important in daily living. But when it comes to the dining room, these virtues are...

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Drive Marketing with Food
Your Food is Marketing Gold

Whether the marketing department is hosting an event at your community or the culinary team is traveling elsewhere to show off, food plays a huge role when it comes to promoting your community.

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October 11 - 2pm ET
Laura Gibbie
September Keynote Speaker
Clark Associates
Keynote Presentation:
DISC Assessment
As a company trainer with Clark Associates in Lancaster, PA, Laura Gibble helps employees gain a better understanding of how personality styles and emotional intelligence play a role in work relationships, job performance, and overall company success. Laura has worked in education and social service for over 30 years and is passionate about lifelong learning and helping individuals become the best version of themselves while being fully engaged in their work and home communities
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CDC Focus on Source Control
CDC updates assisted living guidance for face masks,...

Assisted living communities should follow the same infection prevention and control procedures as retirement and independent living communities in most cases, according to updated federal guidance related to the coronavirus. The Centers for...

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