Sally joined the volunteer team at KHS in April of 2022 and has already contributed over 150 hours to help support many of our animals and operational programs! Always eager to help and learn more about the different elements of shelter operations, Sally has volunteered with our dog walking shifts, helped with laundry, special events, and is a very frequent visitor to the Cattery. Sally said it best when talking about the different areas they volunteer in, noting that they are “definitely a jack-of-all-trades” and we couldn’t agree more!

Sally has had their eyes on volunteering with KHS for a number of years, but between COVID-19 and learning to be comfortable behind the wheel, they took time to wait until feeling fully comfortable to take on volunteering independently. When asked about what inspired them to want to volunteer, Sally’s passion truly shined through. “I know it sounds pretty cliche, but I’ve always loved animals. I’m super happy to be part of the team and all the various opportunities at the shelter!”

Due to Sally’s diverse repertoire of volunteer duties, it does not come as a surprise to know that one of the things Sally enjoys most about volunteering at the shelter would be spending time with the animals, “I’ve also been enjoying being able to get to know everyone, contributing to the welfare of Kitsap County’s stray animals and obviously, getting to hang out with the animals at the shelter,” Sally said.

Sally is no stranger to KHS and the lifesaving work that is completed here, having adopted their Jack Russell/Pittie mix in 2016 that came in as a transfer. This lucky dog joined a wonderful family that includes another pittie mix and 3 stray cats, all of which were strays that Sally and their family brought in to care for.

However, even with 5 animals at home, Sally still has a lot of room in their heart to shower all of our shelter animals with. And sometimes this can even become a slight hindrance for all the work Sally tries to accomplish.