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Covid-19 Pandemic Response, Actions, and Resources

In today’s ALF Oregon dispatch we have a few things to share with you, all of which we have found encouraging and hopeful as we have collected them! We hope this helps you feel as proud of, and grateful for, being a part of this network as we do. 

First, we’ll share a recap of the ” Virtual Check In’s”  that have been taking place as we all continue to try to find ways to connect. Next we’ll share our “ Senior Fellows Respond”  recap, in which we highlight the incredible work you all are doing in response to the crisis. Finally, we have a “ Needs" and "Resources ” sections. Senior Fellows have reached out and asked us to share some of their needs, hoping that there may be resources among you that might be able to support their response efforts. We have also gotten ideas and writings from Senior Fellows  about how to navigate this uncertain time. Feel free to help us connect by sending your updates, COVID responses, your needs and offers of help to

Thank you to all of the Senior Fellows who have joined our Virtual Check In every other Tuesday. Many have found support, connections, and some healing there. I truly hope you’ll join one soon, especially if you haven’t yet. Learn more and join the next one on April 28th at 5:30pm by registering  here .

Thanks to Classes 20, 22, 30, 31,33, the Douglas County Senior Fellows, and more classes for doing their own Virtual Check-In’s. (Did we miss you? Let us know!) One participant said “This brethren is unique from our other networks and connections which is valued and appreciated even more in times like these. I’m looking forward to connecting again the  next time.” We can help if you’d like assistance in organizing your class or region for your own virtual check in. We can even host your Zoom call. Contact Melissa Lamproe, ALF Oregon Operations Specialist at

As leaders of nonprofits, small and large businesses, charitable foundations, governments and other organizations, many of our Senior Fellows are on the front lines serving the most vulnerable and making tough, impactful decisions. We continue to share their work so we can all feel some inspiration and hope for how we are responding. 

Below are just a few more highlights we have seen. Share your responses with us at and we'll include you in the next recap.

MRG Foundation , led by Se-Ah-Dom Edmo (Class 31), has launched the Oregon Worker Relief Fund , which will replace up to 60% of lost wages for Oregonians who, due to their or a family member’s immigration status, are disqualified from receiving Unemployment Insurance or stimulus benefits.  MRG is working with  CAUSA PCUN Latino Network APANO , and  Innovation Law Lab , along with 100+ other community partners, who are leading a state-wide table of immigrant rights groups and are working on distributing funds directly to eligible families.

The Oregon Food Bank , led by Susannah Morgan (Class 34), has received a commitment of 8 million dollars from the State of Oregon, Governor Brown announced last week.

Age+ , l ed by Stephanie Hooper (Class 31) has launched an initiative called “Circles of Care” to support older adults in our communities during this crisis. Learn more or create one here .  

Business for a Better Portland , l ed by Ashley Henry (Class 31) has led advocacy efforts to gain support for small businesses across the state and has made their Switchboard application a central hub welcoming all in the community and connecting people with needs to people who have resources to share.

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) led by many ALF Senior Fellows, Ranee Niedermeyer (Class 14) Government Relations Director, Marvin Révoal (Class 30) Commissioner, and Nathan Rix (Class 35) Deputy Director, Strategy & Policy the has pivoted quickly to respond to the crisis to mitigate the impacts on the hospitality industry and reduce impacts on public health such as:

** Provide relief to hundreds of supermarkets by temporarily halting enforcement requirements of bottle redemption requirements.
** Provide relief to hundreds of organizations by allowing them the return of unused, unopened malt beverages, wine, cider and distilled liquor purchased for events that are canceled. 
** Allowed for "curbside" delivery of distilled spirits, medical, and recreational marijuana

City Club of Portland , led by Julia Meier (Class 30), has made all of their programming accessible online at no charge (donations welcome), ensuring that during this election year, Portlander’s can remain informed about the issues and candidates. Candidate debates and discussions about ballot measures continue. See their calendar and join events here .

Anthony Veliz (Class 15) helped assemble leaders from across the state for an Oregon Latinx Town Hall Meeting. Their work is grounded in serving the most vulnerable Latinx populations, especially undocumented workers. They are working on an Oregon Latinx Leaders COVID-19 Position Paper along with advocacy work for the  Oregon Worker Relief Fund . Oregon Public Radio covered some of the  farmworker issues in this news story .

Marquam Auction Agency , led by Misty Marquam, (Class 33) has developed a new virtual package , consultation services and marketing solutions for non-profits who need to continue fundraising.

Virginia Garcia Memorial Foundation , led by Serena Cruz (Class 18), is supporting the work of the   Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center , a Federally Qualified Health Center serving 1 in every 13 Washington and Yamhill County residents. Virginia Garcia is on the front-line preserving access to high quality health care for the Latinx community’s most diverse and vulnerable residents. In late March, the organization launched a   drive-through testing site  for their patients among many other support services .

For previous Senior Fellow Responses you may have missed, click here .

Rural Organizing Project is looking to address rural Oregon broadband connection needs during the stay-at-home period. Specifically, they want to secure
** Hotspot donations
** Volunteers with expertise, time, and/or hardware from tech companies and/or individuals with experience in setting up mesh networks.

The organization recognizes this is a limited, short-term solution that will not address the overdue and long-term solution of equitable broadband access for rural communities. They a presence in every rural county and Umatilla and Warm Springs Reservations and approximately 60 volunteers at the ready. If you can help, please contact Rural Organizing Project Executive Director,  Jessica Campbell at 541-999-8144 or . Thank you to Nancy Ramirez Arriaga (Class 36) for calling this need to our attention.

The Oregon Food Bank needs food donations, boxes, bags, and more…if you have sources of food or supplies, please fill out the form here

Susan Taylor (Class 30) shared these inspiring words in her blog about leading through a crisis.

Led by Jessica Vega Pederson, Multnomah County Commissioner, (Class 33) in cooperation with the other commissioners and various Multnomah County agencies, has developed a Covid-19 resource page for all community members to stay informed and aware of services available.


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