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April 2019
Prioritizing sfCare in Ontario's healthcare transformation - mindset matters
The Ontario healthcare system is undergoing transformation, and with transformation often comes uncertainty. You might be asking yourself "where does sfCare fit with system priorities such as OHTs, ALC, and hallway healthcare?" 

The answer depends on what your mindset is regarding sfCare. If sfCare is seen as a "project" or an "add on" to care, it may get lost in a list of ever changing and growing priorities. sfCare is intended to be a blueprint for achieving the best possible health outcomes for older adults, which should be woven into the fabric of care for every older adult, every day, across every part of the healthcare system. With this mindset, sfCare remains a constant priority; one which can have a positive impact on system priorities  such as ALC and hallway healthcare. 

For providers who are preparing to become OHTs, t he sfCare Framework and implementation resources   can support your OHT readiness assessment as well as improvement in your level of readiness by implementing best practices for your older adult population.

Our QI coaches share bright ideas to support the "sfCare Collaborative" - people who are working to improve the care of frail older adults, and who want to learn from and inspire others. If you are reading this newsletter, you are part of the collaborative! To share tools and experiences or ask for advice from others in the collaborative, including our QI coaches,  join the sfCare Forum  or email us .
Launching soon - provide feedback and win   posters! *
We invite you to have a sneak peek at a draft of one of our clinical education modules and one of our sfCare posters, and provide your feedback. 
The first component of the sfCare  Learning Series - the intro level for clinicians, which comprises clinical training modules, posters, and pamphlets for older adults and caregivers on seven clinical care topics will launch this summer. 
RGPs of Ontario Education Day - May 30, 2019
Join the RGPs of Ontario for a day of education focused on "Optimizing the Integration of Geriatric Medicine and Geriatric Psychiatry Services". Click here for more information or to register.
Share Feedback on a Draft of HQO's - "A Quality Standard for Transitions from Hospital to Home"
The standard outlines quality care for people being discharged from hospital and continuing their care at home, and is based on the best evidence along with input from clinicians, patients and caregivers. Accompanying the draft standard is a patient guide to help people ask questions and have informed discussions with their health care providers.    Click here to view the draft standard and provide feedback by May 14, 2019 .
New release:  Behavioural Education & Training Support Inventory (BETSI) v.2.0
Behavioural Supports Ontario has updated their  BETSI tool, which support leaders of organizations in their decision making related to staff education/training in building capacity to care for older people presenting with responsive behaviours. Click here for more information.