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December 2018
This month we highlight 3 zero-cost, quick-win gift giving ideas for all healthcare providers.
GIFT 1: Help the government create a housing plan which benefits older adults

Home share programs, such as Toronto HomeShare, match older adults with a room to spare with students seeking affordable rent.  Click here to read about home share programs.  

Consider sharing this idea or other housing ideas that benefit older adults with t he  Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH). The MMAH is currently seeking input from the general public to help them develop an action plan to increase the supply of housing in Ontario.  Click here for to send your ideas to MMAH  (before January 25, 2019)
GIFT 2: Share a great tool with other healthcare providers

Has your organization developed really great tools to promote the delivery of senior friendly care? Please consider sharing them with other healthcare providers by posting them to the sfCare forum. Any and all tools welcome - data collection tools, checklists, audit tools, patient handouts, presentations, posters, education modules...  Click here to ask for or share a tool on the sfCare Forum
GIFT 3: Coach's Tip - Say your name

Introducing yourself AND wearing a name tag is a quick-win towards senior friendly care. It demonstrates respect and compassion, and is an important part of person and relationship-centred partnerships. It's a gift every healthcare provider can give.

In 2013, Dr. Kate Granger, a terminally ill physician in the UK endured the painful experience of having healthcare providers deliver care without ever bothering to introduce themselves. She started a social media campaign called "Hello my name is" to change this. " Introductions are about making a human connection...they begin therapeutic relationships and can instantly build trust in difficult circumstances."  Click here to learn more about "Hello my name is" .

Top tips for senior friendly name tags:  Use a large, legible, font size and ensure your name is on both sides of a badge that's on a lanyard. (S hared by Leslee Thomson, former President and CEO of Kingston General Hospital, at a Senior Friendly Hospital (SFH) ACTION event )

Do you have tips or tools to share with the senior friendly care network, challenges you need help with? Click here to post to the sfCare forum, or click here to connect with a coach  
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January 25, 12-1pm
Urinary incontinence: the neglected geriatric syndrome, Dr. Martha Spencer, Division of Geriatric Medicine, Providence Health Care, Associate Program Director, University of British Columbia Department of Medicine, Clinical Instructor, UBC

Dr. Spencer will discuss the approach to the diagnosis, investigation and management of urinary incontinence in older adults. The focus will be on medical causes of incontinence and medical approaches (lifestyle, behavioural and pharmacological) to treatment.   Click here to register .