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February 2018
This month we highlight our upcoming sfCare intersectoral conference (May 24), 3 great webinars (Feb 22, Feb 27, March 13), and resources to raise awareness for delirium.

Save the Date: May 24, 2018, for our Intersectoral Conference
Senior Friendly Care (sfCare) and the Senior Friendly Seven (SF7): building more connected care for frail seniors  

When: May 24, 2018, 8:30am-4:30pm 
Where: Holiday Inn, Yorkdale, Toronto, Ontario
Who should attend: any health care providers who provide foundational elements in preserving the health and well being of frail seniors and those at risk of frailty, including: ED and acute care staff, primary care physicians and teams, home and community care coordinators and personal home support workers, health care planners and administrators.
About: The SF7 intervention set is a foundational element of the sfCare Framework. Evidence is emerging that intervention in seven areas (cognition , mobility/falls, continence, nutrition, pain, polypharmacy, and social engagement) promises the most significant individual and additive impact on the independence and well-being of at-risk older adults. This event features:
  • Speakers - series of expert lectures on SF7 topics
  • Toolkits - templates to guide intersectoral SF7 care will be considered and refined 
  • Collaboration - Structured, facilitated, small-group discussion and co-creation around the toolkits will provide an opportunity for you to share your expertise and provide insights on how to implement SF7 tools in a meaningful way in your practice / your sector / across the continuum of care.

Registration details coming soon.

Join our Monthly Webinars

Spend an hour engaging with local and international speakers, and a network of senior friendly healthcare professionals.

February 22, 12-1pm
The Evolution of Person-Centred Language with Responsive Behaviours in the TAHSN Community
Presenters: Deborah Brown, RN (EC), MHSc, GNC (C), 
Mary-Lynn Peters, RN (EC), MScN, GNC (C)
This webinar will introduce the Toronto Academic Health Sciences Network Community of Practice (TAHSN CoP) Person-Centred Language for Responsive Behaviours guideline. The discussion will encourage us to look past the pathology, seeking the root cause of behaviours in order to understand the person and his or her expressions. For details about this webinar, or to register, click here.

February 27, 12-1pm
Geriatric Care at the Intersection of Medicine and Architecture
Presenter: Dr. Diana  Anderson, MD, M.Arch, Healthcare Architect
Combining the knowledge of geriatric medicine and physical environmental
design can allow for the building itself to become the fourth healer in addition
to the patient, their family members and the clinical care team. For details
about this webinar, or to register, click here.

March 13, 12-1pm
Delirium Screening
Presenter: Dr. Niamh O'Regan, MB, BCh, BAO, MRCPI, PhD, Assistant Professor
about this webinar and registration coming soon.

Coach's Tip - Spreading Awareness about Delirium

The simple act of spreading awareness is a powerful change tool which is often overlooked. What would delirium statistics look like if all older adults, their caregivers and family, and all clinicians caring for older adults knew about delirium? The simple act of spreading awareness could change someone's life.

With World Delirium Awareness Day approaching (March 14, 2018), we are encouraging individuals and organizations to take action to raise delirium awareness. There are many great resources available :
  • World Delirium Awareness Day Canadian logo (for buttons, posters, pamphlets or websites) click here
  • Delirium FAQs for healthcare providers and patients and families, created by IDelirium click here
  • Delirium FAQs for healthcare administrators, created by Delirium Care Network click here
Do you have tips or tools to share with the senior friendly care network, or challenges you need help with?  Click here to connect with a coach