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June 2018
This month we celebrate older adults during the 34th Seniors Month in Ontario. We highlight the soon to launch sfCare Getting Started Toolkit; invite you to join our upcoming webinars; and provide a QI coach's tip for hydration.
Nominate an older adult for an Ontario Senior Achievement Award

June 2018 marks the 34 th annual Seniors' Month in Ontario. The Ministry of Seniors Affairs has announced this year's theme:

" Now's the time to start something new ," which highlights how aging does not prevent any of us from leading fulfilling lives. Seniors continue to contribute to our community and we can all benefit from their wisdom, friendship, and experience.

If you would like to formally acknowledge an older adult (over 65) for their significant contributions to your community, consider nominating them for an Ontario Senior Achievement Award.  Deadline for applications is June 15. For more information click here.

COMING SOON! The sfCare Getting Started Toolkit
Have you or anyone in your organization ever asked:
  • How do we implement the sfCare Framework?
  • How do we know how senior friendly our organization is, and what can we do to improve?
  • How do we compare to other organizations like ours?
  • What is a "senior friendly lens"?
The answers to these questions are coming on June 26, 2018, with the launch of the sfCare Getting Started Toolkit .

The Toolkit provides practical resources for assessing where you are on the sfCare journey and for implementing real change. It comprises:

  • online self-assessment tool
  • implementation resources package
  • training modules for executive leaders and staff 
For more information about the Toolkit, join our webinar on June 27, from 12-1pm (see below for details).
Join our Monthly Webinars

Spend an hour engaging with local and international speakers, and a network of senior friendly healthcare professionals.

June 27th, 12-1pm
Senior Friendly Care - How to get started, no matter where you're starting from, Dr. Barbara Liu, M.D., FRCP(C), FRCP(Edin) and Wendy Zeh, RN
The Senior Friendly Care (sfCare) Framework provides a foundation for achieving the best possible outcomes for older adults. The Framework's guiding principles and defining statements collectively describe what senior friendly care looks like, but it is not a "how to guide". To help bring this foundational vision to life, the RGP of Toronto has launched the "sfCare Getting Started Toolkit". The Toolkit provides practical resources for assessing where you are on the sfCare journey and for implementing real change.

Learning Objectives:
  1. To provide a basic understanding of the sfCare framework
  2. To introduce the "sfCare Getting Started Toolkit"
  3. To explore upcoming sfCare resources
To register, 
click here
Coach's Tip - Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink

June is officially designated as Senior's Month in Ontario. June also officially marks summer, and the hot weather that comes with it. This month we encourage everyone to consider the hydration needs of older adults. 

Is water readily available and offered to older adults in all areas of your organization? If not, the fix is quick, low cost, and can be implemented by anyone. 

Do you have tips or tools to share with the senior friendly care network, challenges you need help with?  Click here to connect with a coach