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November 2018
This month we highlight the launch of a highly anticipated sfCare resource - the sfCare Forum; share details about an upcoming webinar on Parkinsons disease; and provide tips on how not to reinvent the wheel.
The sfCare Forum is now live!

The sfCare Forum is an online tool which promotes a collaborative community. Healthcare providers can learn from and inspire each other by sharing experiences and tools, asking others for advice, or reading a topic of interest. While the forum is geared towards healthcare providers, older adults and their caregivers are also welcome. See what others are talking about - click here for the sfCare Forum
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December 7, 12-1pm
Comprehensive Parkinson's Care - A new approach to an old problem - NYGH Parkinson's program
Presenters: Dr. Joyce Lee , Care of the Elderly Physician , NYGH & Greta Mah, Geriatric Pharmacist, NYGH

Parkinson's disease is a neurological disease which mainly affects seniors and 90% of patients are over 60. The number of Canadians with Parkinson's disease is expected to double by 2030. While Parkinson's disease is mainly characterized by physical symptoms (tremors and slow movements), it's often the non-physical symptoms that have the greatest impact on quality of life.

North York General Hospital Physician Dr. Joyce Lee says Parkinson's disease can affect a person's mood, anxiety levels, how they think, and even their sleep. Blood pressure and bowel habits are often also affected. Dr. Lee stresses the importance of understanding the disease, and seeking support to better manage the symptoms in order to live well with Parkinson's.

January 25, 12-1pm
Urinary incontinence: the neglected geriatric syndrome 
Presenter:  Dr. Martha Spencer,  Division of Geriatric Medicine, Providence Health Care,  Associate Program Director, University of British Columbia Department of Medicine,  Clinical Instructor, UBC

Save the date! Information and registration coming soon.
Coach's Tip - How not to reinvent the wheel

Reinventing the wheel, or recreating great resources that already exist in your organization or in another organization happens more often than it should, especially in healthcare. There are 2 things that every organization can do to help prevent this:
1. Find an accessible place (such as a shared drive) to store your sfCare resources. Ensure everyone in your organization knows where to find online and print copies of your sfCare resources. The fastest way to lose your organization's great work is to have it reside on 1 staff member's hard drive!
2.  Share your sfCare resources generously with other organizations . Make sure to put your organization's logo on the resource so that your organization is acknowledged for their work. To share great tools with other organizations,  post them on the sfCare forum  or email them to us and we will share them through this newsletter and post to the resources page of our website as appropriate. 

Do you have tips or tools to share with the sfCare network or challenges you need help with? Click here to post to the sfCare Forum