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October 2018
This month we highlight dementia podcasts, a webinar on home and community care experience surveys, new tools coming soon for sfCare, and tools for planning a falls initiative.

Dementia Dialogue Podcasts - first hand experiences of people changing and adapting to their dementia journeys is a new website featuring regular podcasts and other resources capturing the day-to-day experiences of people from across Canada who are affected by dementia. 

The first Dementia Dialogue podcast series - "Changing and Adapting to Dementia", is now available. The series includes candid conversations with people from different walks of life talking about how they have experienced and coped with dementia. 

The podcasts are based on research conducted by the Alzheimer Society of Ontario and research partners, and is sponsored by the Centre for Education and Research on Aging and Health at Lakehead University. 

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October 26, 12-1pm
The LHIN Home & Community Care Experience Surveys - A collaboration with the LHINs, HQO, and HSSOntario, by Dr. Gail Dobell and Kathryn McColloch

Ontario's 14 Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs), in collaboration with Health Quality Ontario (HQO) and Health Shared Services Ontario (HSSOntario), are working on a project to improve the measurement of client and caregiver experience for home and community-based care.

Two new surveys are being developed to reflect what is meaningful to clients and caregivers. One survey will focus on  client experience, and the other on  caregiver experienceThis presentation will focus on the approach to the development of the two surveys and on the project's progress to date.

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New resources launching in Nov 2018
  • The SF7 Toolkit supports clinical best practice and promotes integrated care across sectors by providing information for healthcare providers and older adults and their caregivers on: delirium, mobility, continence, nutrition, pain, polypharmacy, and social engagement.
  • The sfCare Forum will promote a collaborative community where healthcare providers can learn from and inspire each other by sharing experiences and tools, asking others for advice, or reading a topic of interest.
Coach's Tip - Tools for organizing a falls prevention initiative

November is Fall Prevention Month. Organizations and individuals in Canada and beyond are encouraged to come together to coordinate fall prevention efforts for a larger impact. Now in its fourth year, the Fall Prevention Partners have planned the campaign by creating and updating the Toolkit which  helps organizations plan fall prevention initiatives for November.  The Toolkit also includes information specifically for older adults on general fall prevention, healthy eating and staying active, medications, preventing falls at home, what to do if you have a fall, and more.  Click here for more information.

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