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Your Golden Love Goes Beyond Borders
Dear Golden Friends:
You have probably heard about the Golden Retrievers being saved from horrendous conditions in different count ries-from Puerto Rico to Turkey and transferred to the U.S. for care.  

The pros and cons about this phenomena are a point of discussion by many, but what we can all agree upon is that there are few and far between Golden Oldies being represented in these Golden Retriever admissions for many reasons:  


  • It is costly to transport these dogs to this country, and it is prudent to get the dogs that can receive their care and be adopted into a home in a timely manner. This is difficult with "old" dogs, and the different agencies involved in bringing Golden Retrievers to this country hope to be able to adopt them out in a timely manner which is always more difficult with " old dogs." 
  • Many old dogs that are abandoned die before they can be rescued in Turkey due to exposure to the elements, illness, starvation, inability to move about freely due to orthopedic issues or injuries and last but not least because they are culled by some, another word for killed because there is no market for them to be placed or sold to people inside or outside that country. 


DVGRR and other Golden Retriever Rescue Programs in this country are actively accepting responsibility and providing rescue services to Goldens in need in Turkey. Dedicated, selfless rescuers in Turkey provide the dogs with basic veterinary care and deal with the subsequent red tape to get the dogs on their way  flying  to a new life.  

DVGRR in collaboration with GRSRS&EC's Sanctuary Care Program are preparing to support a specific admission  program for any of the Senior Goldens in Turkey. It is hoped that  with  such  a specialized program in place that shows a willingness to accept these  Seniors  for transport to this country that more of them will be rescued and provided the basic care/immunizations they need to be transported to the U. S.  

The Lynne Glennon Sanctuary for Senior Goldens and Puppy Mill Survivors located on the campus of Golden Gateway, DVGRR's facility in PA and supported by the GRSRS&EC Program provides a unique atmosphere for these, the most-needy of the overseas Goldens to be admitted to. Once transported to th is country, after a period of Isolation care then  admitted to the separate Sanctuary building they will receive all the services necessary for them to experience a warm, home like atmosphere where they will be safe, cared for physically, emotionally and socially.  

In addition to their ongoing extensive financial support of the Sanctuary's daily functioning the GRSRS&EC Program, with your help, will provide a $500 transportation donation per overseas Senior Golden to help DVGRR fund the transportation of these stressed, possibly starving and yes at risk to dying due to lack of public care before being rescued by the Turkey volunteers. These  Seniors  will now  hopefully  receive basic care, immunizations and transport to the U.S. into the caring arms waiting for them at the end of their long journey.  

Early this fall the GRSRS&EC Program will establish a transportation fund to be used specifically to help DVGRR bring these very involved, at risk and so needy Golden Oldies to this country as soon as possible and then regularly throughout the year. 

This Fund will be called " Golden Paws Across t he Sea" and will provide $500 to go towards each Senior  Golden's  full transportation costs necessary to be properly and safely moved to this country into the welcoming embrace of the people in the DVGRR and GRSRS&EC Programs.  

To make a donation to "Golden Paws  Across  the Sea" please note on your donation that it is for this fund. Thank you all so much for your assistance in providing for this fragile population of Senior Goldens to  be cared for .

Have a great GOLDEN week from everyone at GRSRS&EC!

Joan Puglia, 
President and Founder

"Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible"
- St. Francis of Assisi


Sky's Helpful Tips 
& Tails
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Some warm weather poison risks to your dog include: Blue-Green algae in ponds, Compost bins, Swimming pool/hot tub chemicals, Venomous animals depending on where you are: toads, snakes, spiders or scorpions . D o not use cocoa bean mulch or slug bait in the garden.  

Tips for a dog-safe home: 
1. Keep cleaning products and chemicals sealed and out of dog's reach (think of things like detergent/dishwashing pods too)  
2. Keep garbage containers covered and away from your dog  
3. Check under cabinets and behind the toilet for dropped pills  
4. Clean up spilled antifreeze right away-as little as a teaspoon can kill
5. Keep your medications off of accessible places like the nightstand  

ASPCA Animal Poison Control number 888-426-4435   or are/animal-poison-control ( fees apply)  article by Dr. Marty Becker  

Here's GRSRS&EC sponsored Senior Golden Athena with a tip..... New FREE resource available for pet owners 24-hours a day contact with a Veterinarian.
Go to!/home for all the details! How it works is you just text "Vet" to 67076 to get started.Get 24x7 free vet contact and answers to your question from a veterinarian about your pet's health problem. Keep this address available on your phone. 
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