Community Connection Newsletter | August 2020 | News & Announcements
July, a month of outdoor music
By: Jacqueline Dillinger
July was a month filled with music for the residents here at Samaritas. We cautiously emerged from our COVID cocoons to the front of the building to enjoy some beautiful summer weather, and a variety of music. We had four different concerts in all.

Our first concert was Brother Day and a friend.They sang oldies, while the residents sang along.

Of course, since it was our first time, it rained! When the rain came, the band was able to move under the carport. The members stayed dry under the large awning in front of the building, and under their roofs on their patios. No one’s spirits were dampened by the weather.
The next musician was Peter Bergin, and he played ragtime on his electronic piano. He was lucky to have a beautiful day, and we drank lemonade while listening to the music. We positioned him in a better position for the audio reception.

Then came Marty Miller and his wife. He sang old classics and some gospel tunes, songs the residents could sing along with. The weather was beautiful, we had worked out all the kinks, and it ended up being a nice concert.

At the end of the month, rather spontaneously, a group of recorder players came from First Presbyterian Church in Elk Rapids. Six musicians played and sang hymns. The music was uplifting.

We are looking forward to more outside concerts for the month of August. We feels so blessed to live in an area where the summer brings such beautiful weather, and we can enjoy outdoor activity.
We asked a few of our seniors their thoughts about Michigan summers and what they liked and disliked about the season. Read what they had to say.
May Andre
May does not like summer. She just does not like the heat. The heat makes her feel like she does not want to do anything.

Her favorite way to keep cool is air conditioning or a fan. She would rather use the fan, but sometimes it’s just too hot and she has to rely on the air conditioner.

May’s favorite summer activity as a kid was playing softball on a team. She was a pitcher and first baseman(woman). They played at a school across the street from her home. She was in a league that traveled around and played teams from other schools. May never used a mitt, so that is why she has such bad arthritis in her hand.

May’s favorite summer food is hot dogs, potato salad and baked beans.

When asked about a summer boyfriend, she told me that she had two friends that hung around together, and each of them had a boyfriend. So the six of them would do stuff together, like go to the movies.

She didn’t have summer drives, her dad didn’t own a car because they lived in the city. They walked or used public transportation to get around.

Nancy Duede
Nancy only likes the summer when she can get outside to enjoy it. She does not like the hot and muggy weather. During the summer, they used to go camping and travel around Michigan, and other states. They visited lighthouses, sometimes staying in them. Air conditioning is her favorite way to stay cool.

As a child, Nancy lived on a farm, so all summer she worked around the farm. Once a week every summer her family would take a week off, and go up north for vacation.

When asked what her favorite summer food was, Nancy said Picnic foods. She loved to eat outside in the summer.

The only summer drive she remembers was when they would drive up North to a cabin they rented in the woods.

Nancy dad had a 36 Chevrolet, and they would have to tie on three spare tires to make it up North for their vacation.

Carolyn Gauthier
Carolyn’s favorite thing to do in the summer is to being on the lake with the cool summer breeze blowing over the water. Her and her husband’s dream came true when they were able to build a cabin on Elk Lake.

Her favorite way to keep cool is to open the doors and circulate the air in the apartment. Also, to sit under a tree in the shade with a good book.

Carolyn grew up in Chicago, she was a city girl. Her favorite summer activity was to play tennis in the park.

Favorite summer food is watermelon.
No summer boyfriend worth mentioning.

Her favorite summer drive is the Pierce Stocking Drive up the Sleeping Bear Dunes, they would always take their guests there.

Says, her favorite way of keeping cool is by, "Staying in the house with the air conditioner."

When she was younger, she loved being outdoors. She added, "I liked to explore. By explore I mean find violets and sassafras for example." She remembers there was two neighborhood boys and she would play cops and robbers with them.
Here favorite summertime treat is ice cream. She does not really have a favorite flavor she continued, "I don't have a favorite flavor. Back then (when she was younger) it was pretty much just one flavor and it was vanilla."

Vera didn't ever have a special boyfriend as a teen during the summer. She said, "Not really, a thing at that time. At that time the was the most interesting she'd rather hang around with her girlfriends, slumber parties, gossip, etc."

She was a depression kid. Things were simple. There are a few things that come to mind that were great childhood memories about summer including "dancing in the rain".

"One was when the firefighter would come out on a real hot day and let the fire hydrant go and all the kids would run and play in it in their underwear. Things were so much easier then as far as not having to worry about crazy people."

In her younger days, Joan loved everything about summer. She also loved to play outside, eat strawberry ice cream and wear less clothing when it's hot.

She also said, "I did not really have a summer love/boyfriend. I am my own person. I guess nobody was worth it!"

I liked summer drives. She added, "I had trucks. I would drive to the nearest place to swim. I had three trucks before a sedan."

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Senior Living Communities Get iPads from Grand Rapids-area Donors
By Jessica Scalabrino
When Samaritas put out the word for help during this unprecedented time of need, a member of Faith Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids and representatives of the John Laing Group responded. Through their support all Samaritas Senior Living communities received iPads to help residents overcome isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 60 iPads are helping residents better connect with the people they love. Residents are now video-calling their loved ones and staying in touch with children and grandchildren more often. Graduations, memorial services and church services don’t have to missed, even when they are across the county or country!

They are also a source of fun – the games and brain teaser apps onboard the iPads keep minds engaged and sharp. Staff are available to assist residents in using the devices. And being good stewards of our resources, when not “checked out” by residents, iPads can help Samaritas staff access continuing education course work and trainings.

If you’ve wondered how you can help make a difference like our friend from Faith Lutheran and the John Laing Group, please reach out to Jessica Scalabrino at (313) 308-8892 to learn how you can further support seniors and their families. 
See what else is going on at Samaritas this month!
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