Community Connection Newsletter | May 2020 | News & Announcements
Strength and Courage During Adversity
By: Ashley Coley
The news of the extended “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order did not come as a surprise for us here in our Bloomfield Hills community. In the heart of Oakland County, we were anticipating this extension and already brainstorming ways to continue serving our residents and staff needs as we navigate this pandemic. Here are a few ways we’re meeting these needs while honoring the social distancing that is so critical in defeating this pandemic.

We continue to modify the activities our residents enjoyed so much before this global event. Two of our most beloved weekly events were our ice cream socials and ‘Wine Down Wednesdays.’ We have put the ice cream on wheels and incorporated the well-known ice cream truck tune! It turns out that this songs sends adults running for ice cream too! We’ve also put wine on wheels and it’s been well received.
Now that we’re facing a few more weeks of social distancing, we’ve developed a safe way to connect our residents with their loved ones. In an effort to support easier and more private conversation than from a second story window to someone standing in the courtyard, we’ve opened up a “Conversation Café” in an empty apartment with a courtyard view. With a chair inside the apartment and two in the courtyard on the other side of the window, residents can chat with their loved ones through the screen. This has been possible for those with ground level apartments but now it’s something our second floor residents can enjoy too. Families can reserve this space for 1 hour increments. Calling to reserve a time slot is important as we are blocking off time in between to sanitize both the inside and outside seating arrangements. We are requiring masks, but we trust that the face to face conversation will be worth it!

As we move forward through this challenging time, we are learning that when we keep our mission at the center of our conversations about how to navigate this season, it is not a ‘ thing we cannot do ,” but rather a thing we are doing , day by day. 
Thoughts from Bloomfield Hills Resident Inez Veraldi. Just click on the image above to view the video.
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Eugenie Beall recalls memories of her mom. Just click on the image above to view the video.
Don't forget to push play.
May is Foster Care Awareness Month
There are nearly 13,000 children in Michigan’s foster care system who need loving guardians to take care of them. There aren’t enough to help, but you can change that by helping us raise awareness of the need.

Listen to what Executive Director of Foster Care, Laura Mitchell said about the increasing need of foster parents once the stay-at-home order is lifted.
This May, during National Foster Care awareness month, you can show your support by sharing any of the social media posts with your friends and family to raise awareness of the issue.

You can also consider purchasing the official #ItTakesAPurpleVillage window sticker, where $5 dollars of every purchase will be donated back to the Samaritas Foster Care program. Visit this website for details.
Complete the 2020 Census This Month
Don't forget to complete the 2020 Census. It only takes a few minutes to answer questions by phone or online.

The information you provide can help the state decide how to spend tax dollars to cover Medicare, Medicaid and more.

Take a look at this handy guide for more details.
Give us a Shout
Since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic, many of our employees are working in extraordinary circumstances to keep themselves and residents like you safe and well. If you've had a good experience with a Samaritas nurse, attendant or other staff member.

Tell us about by sending your emails, videos or other comments to We may use them for a post on Facebook or Instagram in the future.
See what else is going on at Samaritas this month!
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Five Healthy Eating Tips
Even though you may be stuck at home, it's still a good time to focus on your diet and avoid the temptation of just eating snacks.

For older adults, it is even more important to get the proper nutrients each day to help your body function in the best way possible. Here are five easy ways to eat healthier and boost your metabolism.
1. Drink plenty of liquids. Drinking liquids such as water or natural juice can be a great way to stay healthy. Water not only keeps your mouth hydrated, but helps you stay full longer. Try to limit beverages with a lot of sugar or sodium.

2. Try some “Super Foods”. “Super foods” are foods that are low calorie but high in vitamins or fiber. Some you can try incorporating into your diet are kale, broccoli and avocados. These foods help with cognitive function and help to support your immune system.

3. Opt for whole grains. Whole grains are a great substitution for refined grains. Refined or enriched grains remove many of the nutrients. Eating whole grains like brown rice, whole grain cereals and whole wheat bread will provide nutrients such as fiber, potassium, magnesium.

4. Plenty of Protein. Try to get as much protein in your diet as possible. Proteins help with your muscle and bone function, as well as supporting a healthy diet. Try incorporating things such as eggs, beans, lean meats such as chicken and nuts.

5. Moderate Proportions. Eating in moderate proportions is a great way to eat a balanced and healthy diet. It will also prevent weight gain. Reduce, but don’t eliminate. Eat your favorite foods, but go for smaller portions and eat less than what you usually would.

Eating healthy as a senior can be difficult. These steps will point you in the right direction for a healthy and happy diet. 
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