Hello Seniors!

I wanted to send out an email to all the seniors to communicate anything and everything senior related news. These newsletters will be sporadic and they may include an overwhelming amount of content or a small blurb. Enjoy!!!!!
What is he doing?
Counselor Corner
Transparency is everything. I want everyone to understand what I am doing. I am always busy, but I'm always available, unless...I'm in the classroom or in a private meeting with a teacher or student. If you need to see me, please ask your teacher if you can go and see the counselor. I recommend for students to come and see me before and after school, during lunch time, and during your advisement period.

My email: jason_nungaray@dpsk12.org

Through the month of August and September the most important aspect of the job is to ensure that everyone has the correct schedule. I've also been creating a comprehensive school counseling program. For all of those interested in the month to month operations of a school counselor feel free to check out my own checklist

Checklist: https://tinyurl.com/ybcz46k4

I've been teaching multiple ICAP classes to all grade levels, which are being delivered through advisement. Senior ICAP content includes Naviance overview, FASFA, Completion of My ICAP, Common App, College Applications, upcoming events, scholarships, links and resources. I've provided the link below for the Powerpoints below:

Parent Night: https://tinyurl.com/ycfl7rur

Lesson one: https://tinyurl.com/y8pg7zbm

Lesson two: https://tinyurl.com/y7h9bhc2

Edgenuity is starting, so those who are in need of making up credits and were given an Edgenutiy paper must show up at 7:40am 9/24/18 which is this coming Monday! It will be held in room 216.


Counselor Corner is now upload on the DSISD website. The Counselor Corner is a web page where it has a review for each grade level and helpful links. It's located under "Parent & Student" column.

Here is the link: https://tinyurl.com/y7w2ofp2
Letter of Rec & College App

Letter of Rec:

First... shout out to Nicole Griffin, Rose Smith, Lilia Rankova, and Robert Moore for being communicative about their college process and providing in-depth content for their letter of rec request. Seniors, please don't wait to ask for a letter of rec. Personally, I will try to finish your letters of rec as soon as possible! I will notify you via email that it has been completed. All letter of recs will be uploaded to Naviance, which is why it is important to use Naviance, since it's the primary hub for all documents.

Link for Letter of Rec Request: tinyurl.com/y9hxpday

College Applications:

I understand that some of you may use Send.EDU or another platform for your application. Unfortunately, everyone will have to use Naviance to track your progress. I will fulfill the request from Send.EDU, but you will also use Naviance. Please, please, please! send your college acceptance letters to me via email or in person. Please, also send your scholarship award letter. If you need help with Naviance, please see me! My door is always open... most of the time :)

Link to Naviance: https://student.naviance.com/dsisd

Common Application:

Please let me know if you're going to use Common App. I have to manually link your account, so again... the common theme is to come and see me!

Link to Common App: https://www.commonapp.org/
What I would like from you

I hope that everyone is now over the..."can I change my schedule". I won't change your schedule, please draw your attention to college applications, career options, resume, and most importantly - focusing on your courses. Now is not the time to dismiss your classes. If you're not doing well in your classes, then the alternative is to pull you out of your pathway at the end of semester one, which could be Residency/Apprenticeship, Internship, Work experience classes, or CEC.

Upcoming Events
2018 Travel Fair
About: The Travel Fair is free and open to the public, with more than 20 exhibitors representing Gap Year, Travel, Study Abroad, Cultural Exchange, Language Immersion, and Service Opportunities. PLUS delicious food for sale! Join us for dinner 4 - 7 PM.
When: Wednesday, Sept 26th at 3pm-7pm
Where: Denver Center for International Studies (DCIS)
Hosted by : DCIS
Questions: dcis.community@gmail.com
Denver National College Fair
About: Admission representatives from schools across the country are all gathered in one place. Their goal: To encourage you to learn more about their institutions, and help you sort through the qualities you’re looking for in a college.  Explore your options.  Each fair draws representatives from 175 to 400 colleges. The schools are located throughout the US, and from around the globe. 
When: Sunday, Sept 30th at 1pm-4pm
Where: Denver Mart: Expo Hall
451 E. 58th St. Denver, CO 80216
Hosted by: NACAC Nation College Fairs
Questions: 303-292-6278
Registration is not required but recommended
Register at www.gotomyncf.com
DSISD College Application Day
About: App day is where college admissions representatives come from all over to speak with students and help them apply to various colleges. DPS will be providing transportation and food. It's a great opportunity for seniors to ask direct questions to the college rep and to start the college application process. Please let me (Mr. Nungaray) know if you have any questions or concerns.
When: Thursday, October 11th at 9am-1:30pm (All day event)
Where: PPA Event Center 2105 Decatur St. Denver, CO 80211
Questions: 720-424-2026 (Nungaray's #)
FAFSA Night (Financial-Aid Night)
About: This is the only FAFSA Night that will be provided for DSISD students. It's important to bring your 2017 IRS tax return & W-2 form (student/parent). Social security numbers for both parents and students. Bank statements and records of investments (if applicable). Records of untaxed income (if applicable). Alien Registration Number (if you are not a U.S. citizen).
When: Thursday, November 8th11th at 5pm-7:30pm
Where: Denver Public Library Hadley Branch 1890 S. Grove St., Denver 80219
Questions: 720-424-2026 (Nungaray's #)
Thank you for reading
I hope this newsletter was helpful. If you have any comments about content I may have missed or other content that should be included, please let me know! I'm here for you!

Your counselor,
Mr. Nungaray