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December 4, 2017
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7 Habits for a Healthy Heart: Worldwide, heart disease and strokes are the leading causes of death. But there's good news, too. About 80 percent of all cases of cardiovascular disease are preventable. The New York Times, 11/28.

How to Exercise After a Hip or Knee Joint Replacement: With a few precautions, you can start working toward your previous strength. Next Avenue,11/28.

New Recognition for Chronic Fatigue: A major shift is underway as far as how to approach treatment of a condition once met with skepticism. The New York Times, Nov. 27.  
11 Ways to Save on Diabetes Supplies: Don't let diabetes supplies, such as test strips and insulin pumps, drain your wallet. US News and World Report, Nov. 28.  
How to Protect Yourself from Peripheral Artery Disease: Peripheral arterial disease (or PAD), is an under the radar disease that affects up to 12 million Americans. HuffPost, Nov. 27.  
Waiting for Depression to Lift: Depression is a silent, slow motion tsunami of dark breaking over me. I can't swim from it and don't believe I can survive its natural withdrawal. The New York Times, Nov. 26.  
How Marriage Might be Linked to Lower Dementia Risk: Your relationship status might be associated with your dementia risk, and a new research review paper reveals how. CNN, Nov. 28.
A Last-Minute Guide to Shopping for Medicare: If you're down to the wire, here's what to know. US News and World Report, Nov. 27.  
42% of Medicare Beneficiaries Will See Their Part B Premiums Rise by 23% in 2018: "Hold harmless" could prove quite harmful to seniors in the upcoming year.
The Motley Fool, Nov. 27.  
How to Change Your Medicare Advantage Plan Outside of Open Enrollment: If you end up unhappy with the Medicare Advantage plan you signed up for, you may be able to switch before next year's open enrollment. Kiplinger, Nov. 29.
15 Ways Retirement Will Change Next Year: Know the changes coming, so you can be better prepared. Go Banking Rates, Nov. 30.  
Which Is The Better Investment For Retirement-A Managed Account or Target-Date Fund? I'm trying to decide whether to invest my savings in a managed account or a target-date retirement fund. Which do you think I should choose? Real Deal Retirement. Dec. 1.  
Put Yourself on a Financial Diet Now for a Happier Retirement Later: Developing some healthy financial habits now can help set you up for a secure retirement. And it may even let you retire sooner than you thought possible. Kiplinger, Dec. 2017.  
To The Year-End Checklist, Add Mandatory Retirement Withdrawals: Nothing good lasts forever, and so it is with tax-deferred retirement saving - that is, the deferred part. Reuters, Nov. 30.  
How Owning a Home Can Help (or Hinder) Your Retirement: You might think owning a place is key to a comfortable retirement, but that's not true for everyone. US News and World Report, Nov. 27.  
61% of Retirement Savers Are Making This Costly Mistake -- Are You? If you fail to take a required minimum distribution from your retirement account of, say, $8,000, you could be taxed a whopping $4,000! Learn more about RMDs and the rules you need to follow. The Motley Fool, Nov. 27.
9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Deciding Where to Retire: It's one of the most basic questions people ask themselves when they start planning for retirement: Where am I going to live? MarketWatch, 11/30.  
How to Reset a Retirement Gone Wrong: You've been waiting for this for decades, but now your retirement feels all wrong. How do you fix it? US News and World Report, Nov. 30.  
The 7 Elements of a Successful Retirement: Retirement requires flexibility and a comprehensive look at your lifestyle. MarketWatch, Nov. 28.  
5 Places Where You May Want to Retire: Seniors have long flocked to Florida after retirement because it has no state income taxes and the weather is hot. But other cities are giving the Sunshine State a run for its money. USA Today, Nov. 27.
Why Do So Many Seniors Claim Social Security Early? Blame Congress: At least three out of five retired workers willingly accept a permanent reduction to his or her Social Security payout. The Motley Fool, Nov. 28. 
Does Your Estate Plan Have a Gaping Hole? Forget your wealth and possessions: Your beliefs, values and wisdom could be the most treasured assets you pass down to the ones you love. To get the ball rolling on a plan for that transfer, you could start by simply writing a letter. Kiplinger, Nov. 2017. 
AAA Finds Most Senior Drivers Lack Simple Devices for Improving Safety: Almost 90 percent of senior citizens fail to make simple adjustments to their vehicles to improve safety while driving and extend their time behind the wheel. CBS News, Nov. 29.  
10 Best Cars for Retiring Baby Boomers: The best cars for retirees no longer scream "blue-plate special." They're simply some of the safest and most reliable models on the roads. Cheat Sheet, Dec. 1.
Considering Long-Term Care Coverage? Here's a Reality Check: Retirees with portfolios between $1 million and $4 million may be the most sensible market for long-term care insurance. It makes less sense for wealthier or less-advantaged people. CNBC, Nov. 27.
Older Adults: 4 Things to Consider When Care Planning: Caregivers need to educate themselves in order to make the best decisions for their loved ones. US News and World Report, Nov. 29. 
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