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September 25, 2017
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Just a Little More Activity Could Save Millions of Lives: Just a half-hour of physical activity a day could prevent millions of early deaths and cases of heart disease worldwide. HealthDay, 9/22.

Do You Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Many factors can contribute to this debilitating and complex illness. Next Avenue, Sept. 18.  
How to Find a Better Medicare Prescription Drug Plan: You can change your Part D prescription drug plan during Medicare's open enrollment period, which runs from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7. HuffPost, Sept. 18.  
Money-Saving Offer For Medicare's Late Enrollees Is Expiring. Can They Buy Time? Many older Americans who have Affordable Care Act insurance policies are going to miss a Sept. 30 deadline to enroll in Medicare, and they need more time to make the change. Kaiser Health News, Sept. 22.
How to Make Sure Your Money Lasts Through Your Retirement: A challenge for all retirees is creating an income stream that will last a lifetime even if a downturn takes a big bite out of their savings. Money, Sept. 21.   
12 Smart Retirement Moves You Can Make Right Now: Leaving your retirement to chance is very risky. These moves can improve your future financial security by helping you not run out of money. The Motley Fool, Sept. 23.  
What You Should Know About Inherited IRAs: Mismanaging an inherited IRA could trigger a hefty tax penalty. US News and World Report, Sept. 22.  
Should You Use a Reverse Mortgage to Delay Taking Social Security? Financial advisers often suggest that you delay taking Social Security until full or normal retirement age (FRA) if not later - to age 70. USA Today, Sept. 22.  
When You Lose a Loved One Who Handles All the Money: It's not uncommon for one person in a couple to take the lead in finances, but that can cause big problems later on. Kiplinger, Sept. 2017.  
5 Tips for Rolling Over Your MyRA: Here's how to avoid taxes and fees when closing your myRA. US News and World Report, Sept. 18.  
Why You Should Pay Off These 3 Debts Before You Retire: One of these debts is going to surprise you. The Motley Fool, Sept. 20.  
Seeking Secure Retirement Income? An Annuity Could Be a Good Fit: If you're worried about outliving your savings (and who isn't?), a lifetime of guaranteed payments could ease your mind. Kiplinger, Sept. 2017.  
4 Ways to Pay for Healthcare When You Retire: It's important to have a plan for financing healthcare and long-term care in retirement. The Motley Fool, Sept. 17.
Latest Republican Assault on Healthcare Would Punish Older Americans: The plan would slash federal healthcare funding to states by $215 billion through 2026, and more than $4 trillion over a 20-year period. And the cuts to Medicaid would decimate our current system of funding for long-term care. Reuters, Sept. 21.  
McCain Says No to Latest Effort to Replace Obamacare: The bill, which would give states more flexibility in health care spending, is now in jeopardy. HealthDay, Sept. 22.
How to Find the Perfect Retirement Spot: Older Americans looking for the right retirement destination should consider location, livability and affordability. CNBC, Sept. 21.  
The Wisest Retirement Solutions for Women: Many single women are in a jam for retirement, especially women 50+ who frequently face long lifespans and a dearth of savings to grease those years. Next Avenue, Sept. 21.   
Seniors Are Less Happy in Retirement Than Ever Before. Here's How to Avoid a Similar Fate: A disturbing number of retirees aren't enjoying their golden years. And that's really a shame. The Motley Fool, Sept. 20.  
2 Huge Things People Get Wrong About Retirement: So much for the "golden years." Some 28% of recent retirees complain that life is actually worse in retirement than it was when they were working, according to a recent survey by Nationwide. Money, 9/19.  
Why Retirement Can Be A Dangerous Time: Getting your finances squared away is only one part of preparing for retirement - mental preparation is also crucial. MarketWatch, Sept. 19.
Demand for Social Security Advice Growing: Majority of future retirees threaten to switch from advisers who don't offer guidance. Investment News, Sept. 21.  
3 Things That Affect When You Should Apply for Social Security: Keep these factors in mind when you think about Social Security. They'll lead you to a better filing strategy. The Motley Fool, Sept. 19.
What Retirees Should Do In Wake of Equifax Data Breach: Roughly 143 million Americans were affected by the Equifax data breach. Here are some extra steps seniors should take to protect their life savings. MarketWatch, Sept. 18.
5 Affordable Housing Options for Seniors: Consider these living arrangements that will reduce your housing expenses in retirement. US News and World Report, 9/22.
Why Senior Housing Prices Are Impossible to Find: Transparency is rare on sites of assisted living and other communities. Next Avenue, Sept. 19. 
Retirees, Schedule an Insurance Audit: Pull out your policies and sharpen your pencil: It's time to plug the leaks and find stronger, cheaper insurance coverage. Kiplinger, Sept. 2017. 
Caregivers Draw Support By Mapping Their Relationships: CareMaps are an intriguing new tool created by the Atlas of Caregiving, an ambitious project that hopes to gather comprehensive data about family caregivers. Kaiser Health News, Sept. 21.  
Can You Get Paid to Take Care of Your Mom? It may be possible. Here are 7 options to explore. Next Avenue, Sept. 19.
Battling Age Bias When Job Hunting: Finding a new job later in life can present some challenges when it comes to age discrimination. Here's how to combat them. Kiplinger, Sept. 2017.
9 Benefits of Decluttering Your Home Before You Die: Retirement is a great time to finally go through everything you've accumulated over the years. US News and World Report, Sept. 22.
Does Getting Older Mean You No Longer Matter? How to remain engaged with the world as children leave and jobs end. Next Avenue, Sept. 20.  
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