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September 5, 2016
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Don't Miss These Signs of Ovarian Cancer: September is ovarian cancer awareness month. Know the symptoms. Next Avenue, Sept. 1.

1 in 6 Younger Americans Wants to Die Before 80: The fear of growing old may be stronger than the fear of death among many Americans, a new survey suggests. HealthDay, Aug. 31.

Diabetes Linked To Memory Decline In Older Adults: Older adults with poorly controlled diabetes may struggle with what's known as episodic memory. Reuters, Aug. 29.   
New Alzheimer's Drug Clears Abnormal Protein Clogs in Small, Promising Trial: A new drug trial that some researchers are calling the most promising yet in the fight against Alzheimer's suggests it may be possible to clear the brain of the amyloid protein that is characteristic of the disease. PBS Newshour, Aug. 31.  
Many Depressed Adults Not Getting Treatment: Most American adults who suffer from depression aren't getting treatment, a new study finds. HealthDay, Aug. 29.
Close to a Third of Medicare Beneficiaries Could See Their Premiums Spike 22% in 2017: Some senior citizens could be facing Medicare sticker shock next year. The Motley Fool, Sept. 3. 

How Can I Save on Prescription Drugs in Retirement? Can I change my Medicare D plan during open enrollment, and stay with my medical plan? Money, Aug. 30. 
If Your Parents Can't Afford to Retire, Giving Them Money Won't Help: Our country is filled with Americans who worked their whole lives, raised families and now can't support themselves. USA Today, Sept. 3. 
Are You Worried About Running Out of Money During Retirement? Unless you're independently wealthy, it's very likely that you're worried about having enough money to last through your retirement. MarketWatch, Sept. 1.

4 Numbers That Help You Plan for a Secure Retirement: Try these rules of thumb for your retirement nest egg. Money, Aug. 31.

How Couples Screw Up Retirement Planning: It's not what they're doing wrong, it's what they're not saying. Next Avenue, Aug. 31.

How Much Guaranteed Retirement Income Do You Need? I'm looking to retire soon and a financial adviser wants me to invest half of my $700,000 401(k) balance in an annuity. CNNMoney/Real Deal Retirement, Aug. 31. 
Ready To Retire? Not Until You Read This! Some people end up retiring before they're ready, which can wreak financial and emotional havoc. USA Today, Sept. 2.

Will You Be Happy After You Retire? Not surprisingly, it takes more than simply saving enough money. US News and World Report, Sept. 1.

Is Your Retirement Ready For a Natural Disaster? Although disasters affect everyone, older adults may be more likely to pay a higher price due to their frailty or because of where they live. MarketWatch, Aug 31.

The Secret To A Happier, Healthier Life: Just Retire: Retirement, contrary to popular opinion, is not the time in which your satisfaction with life declines and your health deteriorates. Instead, it's the exact opposite. MarketWatch, Aug 29.   
How To Juice Social Security if You Claim Before 70: Most workers don't maximize their Social Security retirement benefits by waiting to claim at age 70. Yet that doesn't have to stop people who retire before 70 from receiving as much in retirement benefits as those who waited to receive the maximum amount. CNBC, Sept. 1.

Should You Claim Social Security at 62, or Wait Until Full Retirement Age? Are you better off claiming Social Security as early as possible? The Motley Fool, Aug. 29.

How to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits: Use these tips to help you boost your monthly payment. Consumer Reports, Aug. 27. 
Do You Really Need a Will? Though some advisers pooh-pooh it, a will can avoid big problems. Next Avenue, Aug. 31.
How to Know When Downsizing Your Home Makes Sense: About 49 percent of pre-retirees didn't downsize in their last move, with 30 percent of retirees actually buying bigger homes in retirement. CNBC, Aug. 29. 
Senior Driving: Read This Before Making Car-Key Decisions: Treating health problems to improve function can help older adults drive safely. US News and World Report, Aug. 31. 
4 Ways to Protect Your Retirement While Being a Caregiver: If you're becoming a caregiver, you'll need a plan to safeguard your retirement. US News and World Report, Aug. 30.

Love and Burnout: Caregivers, Too, Need Care: The stress of caring for loved ones with Alzheimer's and other terminal illnesses can have long-lasting consequences. Reaching out for support is critical. The New York Times, Sept. 2. 
Donating Old Hearing Aids, Eyeglasses and Mobility Equipment: Donating old, unused assistive living aids and/or medical equipment is a great way to help those in need who can't afford it, and in most cases its tax deductible too. The Huffington Post, Aug. 29.
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